Our students mean everything to us and are the focus of our business. This is what our students think about us and our Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology courses.

I think the online course (FHT Anatomy & Physiology) is very explained and detailed. What helps even more is that the questions are all multiple choice and questions and are made short and simple. It was nice to get emails from my tutors saying how well I’ve done on each self assessment I passed.  – Samuel, Corsham

The course (FHT Anatmoy & Physiology) was well structured and was certainly wide ranging. I had very encouraging feedback from my tutor whilst doing the self assessments which helped boost my confidence. The final exam itself was challenging but enjoyable and certainly tested my knowledge.  – Lorraine, Birmingham

The tutorial notes were very clear and helpful in identifying the key issues for each subject (FHT Pathology). The continual self-assessment was invaluable, not only as a tool to check progress, but also as a way of consolidating what we studied. The tutorial support was always prompt and cheerful.  – Will, London

I have really enjoyed the course (AoR Anatomy & Physiology), it has been very informative. As a older learner it was very user friendly and sometimes hard work but I have got through. The course content is of a high standard, and the support is always available if required. I would certainly recommend your company to others. I am now going to look at further training now with my Qualification.  – Janice, Shrewsbury


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I was quite apprehensive at first about taking an online course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology) as by my own admission i am a techno-dummie! Once i got started i realised just how easy it really is. I found myself using a combination of both books and tutorials and this allowed me to study even when i didn’t have internet access. The course content is thorough and gives a grounding into all areas pertaining to the human body.I would strongly recommend that once you begin that you need to keep the ball rolling,it’s the momentum that you need to get through the work load! Chris and Sharon were fab,even though at times i felt like a stalker! I would highly recommend the course to anyone requiring the above qualification.  – Steve, Huddersfield

An enjoyable learning experience (Bowen Anatomy & Physiology). Easy online study along with optional books, help on hand if needed with the online tutors, lots of encouragement along the way too! i will definitely use ETS again.  – Anita, Ludlow

I thought this course was very good value for money (FHT Pathology). Excellant course content which I really enjoyed learning. Great resource to refer back to in the future.  – Michaela, Peterborough

Positive experience (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology), quality, informative and upto date information, fantastic support – always there for advice and tips 🙂  – Jenny, Derby

Very easy to use with help on hand throughout (FHT Pathology). Made the whole experience and enjoyable and informative one.  – Laurie, London

I found this particular course to be extremely comprehensive (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology)! The study guidebook was as well. I’m glad I chose this A&P course over the many other available online courses. It happens to be one of the only ones accredited through our Massage Association because of the amount of GLHs. I went through a few crises in the past years; Mother’s death, divorce and now move! The coordinators helped ease my way into a healthier future by allowing me time to accomplish what I began! Now I am ready and able to continue my education! Thanks again!  – Sarah, Jerusalem

Thank you so much ETS for a fantastic learning and examination experience (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology). You made my transition to your portal easy, were incredibly supportive throughout, and you gave me access to excellent materials that were thorough and reliable. Chris was an absolute pleasure to deal with every time. I will highly recommend your company to anyone I know seeking to complete a course that you cover. Thank you again.  – Lucy, London

It suited me perfectly (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology) as i could do it in my own time without a pressure of a deadline to finish by. I could access it easily any where and just dip in and out of it whether I had hour to spare or just a few minutes.this made it fit well with my other commitments. Course work was easy to understand and great to just keep repeating the self assessments. Tutor support was friendly and always positive and encouraging. I felt like i had a real rapport with my Tutors despite not seeing a face until the exam. A thouroughly enjoyable experience. Would definately reccommend it and and would use the college again for other courses.  – Karen, Knighton

I thought it was very well organised, with great content and preparation for the exams (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology). I found the EKE hard but the assesments very useful  – Kat, London

Great course content (AoR Pathology). Easy to complete, self assessment questionnaires were very helpful in consolidating learning, especially the fact that you could repeat them and flag questions. Also, personal, helpful emails from tutors. Great! Looking forward to the next one!  – Julia, Bicester

An excellent course (Bowen Anatomy & Physiology) with lots of self assessments to prepare for final test. Excellent value for money.  – Vicki, Durham

I was very happy with the course (FHT Anatomy & Physiology). The material was very in-depth but felt that the tutorials and self assessments were great to practice and revise. The feedback emails were a great motivational tool too.  – Sara, Worthing

Excellent course would definitely recommend to anyone (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology).  – Alisa, Stoke-on-Trent

Enjoyable course (FHT Anatomy & Physiology), well laid out content and friendly attentive tutors.  – Karen, Irthlinborough

I enjoyed the (FHT) Pathology course – it was informative and concise and support was always there if needed. The course book was really helpful and a great reference guide to keep.  – Helen, St Albans

Very thorough and non pressurising. Highly recommended! (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology  – Rachelle, Salford

Interesting and easy to follow! (FHT Pathology)  – Angela, Blyth


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I am a mature student and very anxious about studies,going through the samples questions and given answers helps me to gain confidence but I admit that my memory is not so good, I struggle but manage to pass with the grace of god, prayers and hard work. (FHT Pathology)  – Sister Agnes, Godalming

Very good course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology), accessible and great support from the tutors  – Ross, Bristol

Great course (FHT Pathology). Kind and supportive tutors. A brilliant way to learn  – Paul, Dial Post

Awesome course (FHT Anatomy & Physiology). Very well presented. Very informative and easy to use. Excellent  – Marie, Bordon

Very simple to navigate around the tutorials (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology). Lots of support and encouragement from the team if needed.  – Michaela, Worcester

The course (FHT Anatomy & Physiology) was hard but I really enjoyed it. It’s set up in a very easy to follow manner. I’m glad I had the book along side it for my learning needs. Any problems or queries were dealt with immediately. Thank you.  – Amy, Brighton

Wonderful training experience (AoR Complete Pathology). Really enjoyed the content and layout.  – Lindi, South Africa

From a non academic person I found it a very good way of learning (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology). By learning each section it did sink in and the final test wasn’t too bad! 🙂  – Nicola, March

The VTCT Anatomy and Pathology course with ETS was very simple to use. It was easy to log into and navigate and so I found it easy to fit in small chunks of studying around the rest of my life! The support from the ETS tutors was consistently fantastic. Thank you.  – Kate, Nottingham

I thought the format of the course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology) was really good, easy to use and aided absorption of information. The course subject was very interesting and the tutor support was excellent.  – Elaine, Guernsey

The course was easy to use, the support was great and even though I had long breaks between periods of study the tutor support was excellent. I felt like someone was always available – response to requests for help were very prompt!  – Kathryn, Reading

After the initial overwhelming feeling of how am I going to learn all this I found the course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology) easy to navigate through. The tutors are very supportive and send motivating words of encouragement to keep you going. I found studing little and often best and the practice assessments were great to monitor my progress. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and it goes without saying really – learnt loads.  – Amanda, Derby

Clearly organised content, with excellent support (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology).  – Jon, Brigton

Thoroughly enjoyed this course (AoR Pathology). Learned alot and found the online system easy to use.  – Lindi, South Africa

Everyone I dealt with was very supportive….I took ages to finish this course (Bowen Anatomy & Physiology) having to fit it in around work and family commitments but I was never made to feel I was dragging my heels. I really appreciated their patience.  – Helen, London

I thought that the format of the online modules (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) was very good and allowed for ease of use and aided learning and remembering.  – Elaine, Guernsey

I absolutely enjoyed my (FHT) Anatomy & Physiology course. I now have the diploma to go ahead and do massage course to add to my list, the course is well illustrated any you get to choose what subject you would like to choose first any no time limit which is great for me as a busy person 🙂 I would recommend it, to anyone thinking of doing this course.  – Tracy, Lancing

I really enjoyed the course (FHT Pathology) – it was interesting, informative, and fun to challenge myself whilst learning about all the different conditions. The tutors were great at keeping in touch and constantly sent encouraging emails. I would definitely study with ETS again.  – Jamie, Hebden Bridge

Comprehensive and informative course (AoR Complete Pathology).  – Marianne, London

The structure and content (FHT Anatomy & Physiology) was interesting, the tutorial was very well designed, the book was easy to read and the self assessments were just the right length to be fun! Thankyou for the regular Friday emails and also the individual ones, I found them a source of encouragement and support. I had very little knowledge of anatomy and physiology prior to taking this course but feel confident that I have a good basic understanding now. I had actually been dreading taking this course but thankyou Chris and Sharon for making it so enjoyable.  – Zoe, Hove

The (FHT Pathology) course was wonderfully set out, easy to follow and I could complete it at my own pace. It has been a wonderful training experience, I have learnt a lot from the course and I would recommend it. Excellent value for money and tutor feedback is wonderful, always someone there when you need a bit of help.  – Shelley, Canterbury

Thank you for tremendous tutor support and encouragement, I didn’t expect that. The course itself (FHT Anatomy & Physiology) was very detailed and thorough. The accompanying Tutorial CD is easy to use, testing information in bite sized pieces. I particularly enjoyed using the SAs. I found them a helpful learning/revision tool and was pleased that there was no limit on the number of times I could do them. This enabled me to go back over sections until I was happy with my understanding and knowledge of each system.  – Elizabeth, Shaftesbury

I enrolled onto this course (FHT Anatomy & Physiology) just to refresh my knowledge of A&P. It’s a very enjoyable course! So easy to use and the information and diagrams provided in the tutorial is fantastic! You can take your time with the course, study in which ever order you like and test your knowledge on a regular basis, which really helps you to understand and retain the information. The feedback from the tutors gives you a real boost and it’s always nice to know that someone is there to give you extra support if needed. I received my certificate very quickly and safely packaged. I can’t wait to do another course with ETS next year, thank you so much!:)  – Christina, Newborough

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of an online training course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) with ETS and learning something so in-depth was a bit daunting to me to start with. However, Chris and Sharon have both been amazingly supportive and any questions were answered straight away – in fact I wanted to give you more than 10/10 for tutor support! Thank you for all your help!  – Nicole, Solihull

Excellent well laid out course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) with great tutor support if required and motivational! Great online learning site with good book to help vary learning.  – Carly, Nottingham

Excellent, great support, pleasure to be on the course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology).  – Kira, Rochester

Very impressed with the support (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology), help is ther 24/7! I am a visula learner and would of liked to see some animation! Just to simplify the hard parts!  – Alison, Matlock Bath

A truly wonderful learning experience (FHT Anatomy & Physiology). I have completed many courses in higher education, and even at college I rarely received this level of support! Chris’ dedication to the online students is remarkable. Thank you!  – Kiera, Oswestry

On joining for ETS FHT Anatomy and Physiology course, my family, friends and I thought it was a crazy challenge at my age (73)!! However, with YOUR help and support I made it. My thankful gratitude to you Chris, and to the ETS team for producing a simple teaching course dissected into easy sections, reminders, hints, and summeries, not to mention the handy “Glossary” (mini medical dictionary). What can i say other than this has been a wonderful learning experience, THANK YOU ever so much. It will also open the door for my chosen Oncology Massage course, and who knows possibly more courses while I am still alive and proven able thanks to YOUR COURSE.  – Evine, Glasgow

The training (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) was perfect for me as I could work through the course independently but ask for help when needed and any questions I had were answered quickly and with plenty of information. I had only just left school and found the learning techniques used on the course, with having the self assessments after each topic learnt to do as many times as you wanted, really helped me to pick up the knowledge and for it to stay in my head! I ended up doing better in my final than in any other exam I had done before so this proves the structure of the course definitely worked for me and I would recommend it to anyone else.  – Lucinda, West Kirby


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Great support from the tutors and very good course materials (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology)  – Jenni, Shrewsbury

Really informative course, Made fun with outstanding support (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology).  – Debbie, Leicester

I would recommend this course (AOR recommended Additional Pathology). It is easy to follow & there is no time limit to finish the course. I didn’t need the tutors help but they are always there if you need them. Great for CPD points.  – Sandra, Blandford Forum

This was an excellent course that I thoroughly enjoyed (FHT Pathology). The content was clear, very informative and it was great to complete modules at my own pace. The support from the team was fantastic and it it the only course I have ever done that was so personal. Thanks to everyone for helping me during my transition into a new career.  – Alicia, London

The course content (FHT Anatomy & Physiology) was interesting clear and well structured and the tutor support comforting and encouraging.  – Paul, Horsham

I think anyone who wants to learn about pathology’s should take this course (AoR Complete Pathology). It is helpful and you can take it at your own pace.  – Katherine, New York

I was looking everywhere on the Internet for a pathology course for Complementary therapists that would just familiarize me with the different diseases and their mechanisms. But all I could find out there were university courses designed for licensed health professionals that cost hundreds of dollars and for which I did not qualify to study. I was not studying to be a doctor, and I did not need, nor could I afford such a course anyway. I was about to give up when low and behold, I stumbled upon Essential Training Solutions and their Pathology courses designed specifically with the complementary therapist in mind. After asking a few questions via email that were answered quickly, I enrolled right away, and have never looked back. The course was just what I was looking for: Thorough, but concise, and with extra resources from which to research. And extremely affordable! I would recommend this course (AoR Complete Pathology) to any alternative practitioner looking for a good pathology course tailored especially to their needs.  – Linda, Rhode Island

Quick, easy, affordable (IFPA Pathology).  – Victoria, Worcester

ETS courses are an excellent way to earn cpd points, they are very informative and the wesite is easy to use, support is there if you need it. Extremely good value for money.  – Laura, Chesterfield

I found this course (FHT Anatomy & Physiology) easy to use and full of very good information. The style is easy and the tutors have been helpful throughout. Will certainly now recommend ETS to other therapists and consider more courses.  – David, Swansea

Well organised and easy to follow course (Bowen Anatomy & Physiology). Some helpful memory hints. Tutors were amazing, always helpful and very supportive. I would highly recommend ETS.  – Rebecca, St Austell

This short course (FHT Pathology) was very useful to broaden my knowledge on various different conditions and brush up on my previous pathologies.  – Seti, Nottingham

I found the course (AoR Complete Pathology) very fulfilling and easy to use. I did not use the tutor support but enjoyed getting notes of encouragement. Being in New York it is hard to recommend you to others but I would if the opportunity arises.  – Katherine, New York

The tutorials (FHT Anatomy & Physiology) helped me to retrain my brain as memory had lapsed on a lot of the content. A good refresher course, and a very good method for me to discipline myself to learn again. Get out what you put in.  – Gina, Billericay

I have enjoyed the course (IFPA Pathology), and it outlined the diseases/illnesses with just the right amount of information to be of help to me. I didn’t need any tutorial support but it was nice knowing it was there if I needed it. I would recommend using ETS.  – Jenny, Camborne

Easy to use course (FHT Anatomy & Physiology) with indepth content in a format that encourages learning throughout. I could navigate each area of the course content with ease, gave someone like me without great computer skills some confidence! Really useful to be able to work at my own pace. Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thank You!  – Emmeline, Deal

This course (FHT Anatomy & Physiology) has been extremely informative and very user-friendly. The modules are clearly laid out with plenty of graphics to aid understanding and the course can be taken at your own pace. Tutor support and feedback is very good and I would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone !! Excellent !  – Sandra, Pulborough

This is a very good course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology). Materials are very well done and ease the learning. Auto-evaluation are also great. I recomend this course to anyone interested in doing a course in anatomy.  – Matthias, Portugal

The support and encouragement I have received during this course (FHT Anatmoy & Physiology) is second to none. The quality of the course content and ease of use have led me to successfully passing this course. Thank you ETS  – Rosie, Crawley

Great course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology) for mature students who have to juggle family, work and a variety of other commitments. Support from Chris has been superb. Always emails me back and has encouraged me to keep going when I have had a fallow period. Wonderful affirmation after every EKE.  – Jacqueline, Torrington

I found ETS very easy to use and very customer focused. The tutors are great at keeping in touch and keeping you motivated. Great customer service combined with excellent training materials! (FHT Anatomy & Physiology)  – Tracy, Bristol

This course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) is excellent. It was very user friendly and covered all the areas required to gain my qualification. The tutors were very helpful and supportive. I would definitely use ETS again.  – Christine, Nottingham

The online course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) was very easy to use and reinforced your knowledge as you went through it. Option to keep testing yourself was really good.  – Susan, Cambridge

It’s been hard but most definitely worth it. I feel like I’ve earned my professional qualification! (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) Have very much appreciated all the support provided too. Will definitely recommend. Thank you.  – Stephanie, Bradford

Great support! I wish I used it earlier and organised myself better. I liked how relaxed everyone is thank you. (VTVT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology)  – Sasha, London

This is my second course (FHT Pathology) with ETS. I fully recommended this company to everyone. Easy to use and excellent support from start to finish.  – Elizabeth, Swansea

I thoroughly enjoyed this course (FHT Pathology), and would highly recommend it. The tutors are very knowledgeable and informative, and answered any questions I had.  – Steve, Corsham

Thank you, i thoroughly enjoyed the course (IFPA Anatomy & Physiology). The tutorials were great, as well as the website links to other websites for research. The tutors were encouraging, supportive & friendly.  – Kathleen, London

The course (FHT Anatomy & Physiology) had me hooked straight away, every time I sat down I logged on – even missed Coronation Street in favour of studying! I only wish I had ordered the Study Manual when I first started the course, it is invaluable. The support was great and having the weekly email was really encouraging. I am ordering the Pathology course straight away.  – Kathy, Hinckley

I was dubious about starting this course (FHT Anatomy & Physiology) online but found the content comprehensive and wording very good. I was especially happy to see encouraging emails along the way and details about others also taking the course which does give the feel of a community. The extra resources were helpful as was the tutor support emails when assignments were passed. Excellent course, excellent value for money and I would recommend this course to any therapist or anyone wishing to brush up on A & P! Thanks ETS, I am looking forward to studying the Pathology Course which I started today!  – Elizabeth, Swansea

A good course (AoR Anatomy & Physiology) that covers an indept insight learning experience, simple to use.  – Jason, Epsom

Professional, enjoyable, informative and fantastic support (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology).  – Annice, Derby

I thoroughly enjoyed this (FHT) anatomy and physiology course. I found it very informative, and feel that I have gained some valuable knowledge which I’m sure will help me in my future career. My tutors were extremely helpful with any queries and questions I had along the way. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this course.  – Steve, Bath

It (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) was a little hard for me , because english is not my first leanguage but with the help of the tutors and because the course was easy to understand, I pass. Thanks for your support Sharon and Chris.  – Claudina, London

When I started my (VTCT) A&P course, being a mature studedent, I thought I would struggle to retain the information but the training built on my retention and understanding of the material with repetition, repetition and numerous self assessments. This built my confidence and enthusiasm to complete the course. I can genuinely say I now have a better understanding of the miracle of the human body and have some very useful information which will benefit me going forward with Bowen Technique treatments. The coaching from the tutors is personalised and really helpful and I would certainly recommend the course to anyone who is considering doing an online Anatomy and Physiology course.  – Valerie, Inverness

I was really worried about passing this qualification (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology) but with the excellent graphics and course design it is hard not to enjoy the learning experience, while gaining the knowledge. I also found it really encouraging to get a weekly email with a pat on the back if you passed the EKEs. I found the tutors really supportive and would have had no hesitation contacting them if i were struggling. Thank you ETS.  – Christine, Cheshire

Very good (AoR Additional Pathology) excellent telephone support and very friendly would definitely use them again!  – Vicki, Bristol

Amazing tutor support, the new surface of the tutorial website improved a lot. The tutorial (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) is good, deeper than I supposed which is extra for me.  – Zsanett, Preston

I have enjoyed the course (FHT Anatomy & Physiology) and the tutor support and really feel this has refreshed my A&P knowledge. The very comprehensive topics are neatly broken down into manageable chunks. I found the SA’s (self-assessments) and bookmarking along the way very useful. Thank you.  – John, London

I enjoyed the course (FHT Pathology), finding it easy to understand and absorb the information. The support was excellent and will gladly recommend ETS to others.  – Mary, Exeter

I chose the course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology) because it fitted around my busy lifestyle. The support was excellent! I would recommend it to anyone who is juggling a busy lifestyle.  – Angela, Halesowen

Really pleased I chose this way to gain the qualification (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology), I did it in my own time, could continue it anywhere on any computer, and enjoyed the process. Excellent support system when required.  – Julie, Chester

Simple, without leaving home… just exellent. thank you (FHT Anatomy & Physiology).  – Agnieszka, Chalvington

Didn’t need much support as the course (FHT Pathology) is self explanatory and very easy to use , But when I started to worry about falling behind because of family problems the tutors were great and said don’t worry there is always tomorrow !! wish you was my school teacher …..would of liked school so much better if I didn’t need to feel pressurised ..thanks  – Sue, Southport

Enjoyed the course (FHT Pathology) easy to use and informative helpful staff 🙂  – Holly, Salisbury

Easy to follow (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology), content and subject matter comprehensive and detailed enough to support my therapies. Found the accompanying manual really useful.  – Julia, Gerrards Cross

I really enjoyed this experince with ETS (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology). First, I like the subject and second I had all the support that I need. I will definitely recommend it.  – Helena, London

Very enjoyable and excellent revision (FHT Pathology). Thank you.  – Lesley, Bristol

I really found the technical side of things very easy and learnt a lot (FHT Anatomy & Physiology). Thank you for a great course and excellent support.  – Riana, Cape Town

The course (AoR Complete Pathology) material is very interesting and I feel I have learnt a lot from it. The course is very easy to follow and the tutors very supportive.  – Belinda, Kingston Upon Thames

I was surprised at how thorough the course (FHT Anatomy & Physiology) was but how good the revision techniques were. It was a very interesting experience.  – Claire, York


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I have found it (AoR Additional Pathology) extremely easy to use. I have been able to use and apply the information I have learned in my practice.  – Valerie, London

I really enjoyed doing the (FHT) Anatomy & Physiology course. There is a massive amount of information to absorb but it is so well structured that it makes it easy to understand and absorb the information. I found working through each section followed by doing the assessments helped me to retain the information in my mind ready for the final exam. (That was a bit scary though!).  – Pamela, Wirral

I have just completed the VTCT Anatomy and Physiology course with ETS. The course was comprehensive and the support offered by ETS was both personal and professional. A great learning experience.  – Rebecca, Nottingham

I really enjoyed the course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology) and found the support and courseware excellent. I liked the fact I could use the textbook, CD or internet to study and that I could use the SA’s to test my knowledge throughout the course. Chris and Sharon were great, I felt totally supported throughout my studies, whether it be when I needed to take a bit of time out from studying or whether it was encouragement during the times I studied.  – Kate, London

Great course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pahtology), good clear content, had all the support I needed.  – Mel, Ilminster

Support great (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology), especially as I took so long to complete!  – Sue, Hitchin

A very thorough style of learning (FHT A&P). I could pick and choose my times to sit down and work which made life a lot easier and the feedback from tutors with e mails and calls was very encouraging indeed.  – Nicola, Robertsbridge

I was worried about undertaking a course (VTCT Anatmoy, Physiology & Pathology (Bowen)) such as this at my age as I have not studied for over 25 years. But I need not of worried as you are allowed to go at your own pace and re go over and modules you were struggling with as many times as you needed to with self assessmnets all along the way. In fact I think I shall now miss the studying now that I have passed. A big thank you to my tutor Chris who helped me along the way.  – Karen, Basingstoke

The (FHT) Anatomy and Physiology L3 course has been on of the most enjoyable courses I have done in a long while.I would recommend anyone wishing to do their L3 Anatomy to go with Essential Training Solution Ltd just knowing that Chris & Sharon where always there to help if needed was a great help, also getting the Email from them every Friday keeps you motivated when you see other students do well makes you push your self a little harder saying am going to this so let’s get cracking. A big thank you to ETS Training.  – Noel, Chester Le Street

Very thorough and easy to use course materials (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology).  – Melanie, Gainsborough

Easy to follow the course online (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology), with the book, cd & tutor support; Chris and Sharon were always there to help when I was stuck. Thank you very much!  – Katharyn, Slough

Very easy to navagate (FHT Pathology), no presure to complete modules on time, well laid out with plenty of very useful links and additional resources available at very reasonalble prices. Great encouragement through out. Enjoyable.  – Maureen, Ireland

As this course (FHT Pathology) had no time limit, I was not under any pressure and was able to complete it in my own time. I found the information on eadh condition to be condenced and to the point, therefore easy to understand. With the basic knowledge of each condition, I could then go into more detail without being overwhelmed with information. Support was there when I needed it and I enjoyed the course.  – Mandy, Birmingham

Thank you ETS for a wonderful learning experience. (FHT) Pathology course is informative and great value for money, with wonderful supportive tutors.  – Chantal, Trowbridge

I very much enjoyed the course (FHT Pathology). The content will help me immensely in my role as Diet and Nutrition Adviser. The instant online test score feedback was great- no more waiting for the post man to come! The online tutor support and encouragement helped me a great deal.  – Peter, Oxford

All in all I loved this course (FHT Anatomy & Physiology). It is very indepth but easy to follow as it does give blank diagrams to practice. It was a boost that each week I received an e-mail say well done and keep up the good. I would highly recommend the course. I also completed the Further Pathology course and I would say the same thing. Very pleased 😀  – Paula, Dungannon

Really easy to do the training (AoR Additional Pathology) and the support was excellent – many thanks.  – Yvonne, Darlington

The (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology) course was very enjoyable, very interesting, the book was set out well, the e learning, well thought out and easy to use. I felt supported througout, via phone or e-mail. Skype facility enabled me to take the final at home, with less time off work. Excellent course.  – Sharon, Airmyn

I have never done an on line course before and wow this was straight forward and eay to do (FHT A&P). l was able to study any time night or day, the tutor support was a great help and l would recommend this way of training to anyone.  – Bridget, Ellesmere Port

A very convenient and informative course (Bowen A&P). Being able to access the tutorials at any time to fit in with a busy lifesyle has been excellent.  – Clare, Minehead

I really enjoyed the course (FHT A&P). The information given was clear and concise. The quizzes helped me consider and reflect upon all aspects of my learning experience. Therefore, in the final test I felt confident that I would do quite well.  – Jayne, Heathfield

I found this was a fab way to do this course (FHT A&P), I don’t like going away to do courses, so this was a good way for me to learn, also I was able to do it at my own pace which was great.  – Lynne, Wigton

I wanted a course I could do in my own time and at home which turned out to be the best decision as difficulties in my personal life kept cropping up and in the end it took me five years to finally complete it, but with continued encouragement from the tutors, I never gave up and and now have the (VTCT) diploma I required.  – Rita, Sheffield

Liked the encouragement given and the summaries for each section (AoR Pathology).  – Lucie, Clwyd

Excellent training experience (AoR Complete Pathology). Very well laid out website, lots of training material and most importantly fabulous support by the training team. Many thanks ETS.  – Helen, Feltham

I have enjoyed every minute of the course (VTCT) Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology) and the support is amazing through the whole experience! Would definately recommend. – Emily, Swadincote

Very effective (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology). – Kevin, Fleet

I have really enjoyed learning (FHT) anatomy and physiology. A fascinating subject! I appreciated the fact that I could take a long time over the course. As a full-time carer this proved essential. When struggling to learn the muscles section I received some good advice and encouragement from the tutors which made things easier. Thanks for your support. – Nancy, Sowerby Bridge

A very worthwhile and interesting course (FHT A&P). – Violet, Newtownards

I loved doing this course (AoR Additional Pathology) and I have done both my pathology and further pathology courses with ETS. – Janine, Turriff

I have enjoyed the course (FHT Pathology) very much. The NHS web sites were very interesting and informative. I learnt a lot!  – Jayne, Heathfield

Loved the course (FHT Pathology) it is very easy to use, especially for a technophobe like me! It’s good to know there is support there when you need it. I think these courses are a perfect way to stay on top of your CDP points if you have a busy schedule. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will definitely be back to do some of the others. Very good value for money. – Laura, Chesterfield

This course (FHT Pathology) was just the right course as a refresher and to learn more about other diseases and conditions that we may come into contact with. I toughly enjoyed the course and will take on another in the near future. I had my mum ill in the middle of doing it but because I could do at my own pass I didn’t feel under pressure to get it finished or I would fail. I could go bake and take the self assessments to refresh befor taking final exam. Thank you so much ETS and FHT. – Angela, Canterbury

Easy to understand, excellent support (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology). – Helen, Nottingham

I very much enjoyed the (FHT) Pathology course – I was looking for ways to professionally develop and this is an area that interests me. The amount of material was just right with key points summarised to a page to make it easy to learn for the final assessment. It was very easy to pick up the material whenever I had a spare moment and it fitted in around my job perfectly.– Emma, Faringdon

The course (AoR Pathology) was great I really enjoyed it, it was nice to do the course in my own time there was no stress and looking forward to doing the next part of the course. – Moira, Wisbech

Great system (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology). Easy to use especially seeing as I haven’t studied for 25 years! great content, super user friendly ongoing online assessments through the course and great support from Chris, lovely approachable lady with great practical advice and always happy to help. – Belinda, Isle of Mann

I was very happy with this course (AoR Pathology). I found it easy to follow. I was able to fit it around my other commitments & take it as fast or slow as I wished. Communication from tutors was regular & I always knew they were there to ask questions if I needed to. – Sandra, Blandford Forum

As a dyslexic student i found this course (FHT A&P) very manageable as there was no time limits on the unit quizzes and the final exam and the chance to re test your self was really help full. I found the individual modules lessons easy to follow and understand. Being able to print the lesson was also a really good aspect of the course. There was always someone ready to help with advice and support on line and it was always the same day or the following morning. I would recommend this course not only to therapists but also to Health care professionals such a nurses that need to update there skills as well as there portfolios. – Sharon, Coventry

I like the ease of use the course (FHT A&P) and instant access to he content. I did not require help from tutors, which shows that course has been constructed in clear and structured way. But tutors were always there where needed and I could see that communication between them and students is smooth. I would recommend this course. Thanks! – Konrad, Hove

Fantastic, easily accessible course (FHT Pathology). Chris and Sharon are always at the end of an email, the self assements are a great confidence builder and showed me clearly how I was progressing. Chris tracks your progress and sends words of encouragement at each stage. I would recommend this method of study to anyone who wants to clear at their own pace, fits around the busiest schedule. – Lauren, Ramsgate

I highly recommend this course (FHT A&P) as for me, being a total beginner in this field, I was gradually able to build up my knowledge to a pass level because of the ease of use of the system. Knowing there was someone to help me if necessary gave me confidence and being able to navigate to whatever section when I wanted to was really helpful. I also found the self assessments a helpful tool, especially when reviewing the answers and seeing a tick was encouraging or a cross focused my attention on what I needed to go back over. I shall actually miss doing this as it has been a good part of my regime, now I have retired, and I may look for something else to take up in the future! Thanks especially to Chris who suffered my rantings when the PC decided not to co-operate – I felt really supported. – Sheila, Stafford

The ETS course (IFPA Pathology) was perfect for my needs. It is a CPD course that can be done from home and in your own time. The course material was clear and informative and the self-assessment quizzes were a helpful learning tool. My tutor was available and made the right amount of contact. I will definitely consider using ETS again in the future. Thank you. – Maria, Milton Keynes

This was a great,informative and well-researched course (FHT Pathology) with lots of encouragement from tutors. Being able to study at my own pace took a lot of pressure off. Although I took my own notes, the print offs are excellent summaries to have for future reference. Very good value for money. Doing assessments and being able to do as many as I wished was a great form of revision. – Ailsa, Endinburgh

As a therapist it is often difficult to find a course that gives such value for money. Living in Cumbria, there are not many courses that don’t involve large distances to cover and you are often asked to bring your own couches, towels, etc. This course (FHT Pathology) could be completed as and when I felt ready in the comfort of my own home. The tutors will allways get back to you, with whatever questions you may raise, very quickly. The tutors are all very supportive and give great learning advice. Many thanks to you all. – Susan, Penrith

Excellent coursework (FHT A&P), excellent support. Couldn’t ask for better! – Chris, Brighton

Fabulous course (FHT Pathology), once again. Once you get going it’s quite straightforward and surprising how much you remember from the tutorial. – Chris, Brighton

It has been great from start to finish (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology). Sharon and Chris have been amazing. I’ve enjoyed it all and will actually miss it. – Emma, Kegworth

Material was clearly written (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology), interesting and manageable. – Emma, Leicester

Once again very good course (FHT Pathology), did A&P when starting out 5 years ago so when I saw the pathology cpd course I didn’t hesitate to sign up for it. Very easy to study and the way the course is structered you can do it at your own pace which is good when you have other commitments. Good support is given should you need it, Chris and Sharon are always on hand to help and offer encouragement. I would highly recommend any of the courses and will sign up again myself in the future if there is one that meets my needs. – Stella, King’s Lynn

Enjoyed the availability of the course (AoR Pathology). I could just log in when I wanted and stop and start my learning without having to return to the start again. The self assessment task which could be repeated enabled me to look back on my tutorials and solidify my learning. Being sent e-mails was also very encouraging. – Hazel, Pontefract

I have never done an on line course before but when I was required to take a further qualification (Complete Pathology) by the AoR when I joined I was delighted to find I could do it on line 1 because .due to dyslexia I find written study difficult but doing an on line ourselves I was able to do it at my own pace 2 I live in the country and study at a college would have ment a lot of time travel and expense. – Helen, Inverurie

Enjoyed course (FHT Pathology), information provided in notes was useful and informative. Tutors provided ongoing support and encouragement with each outcome. Highly recommend. Yvonne, Glasgow

The course (FHT Pathology) is fantastic and there is so much to learn but the course helps you (or should I say with Sharon & Chris’s help and advice) I learnt how to take small bites which made the course so much more enjoyable. – Madhu, Wembley

I’m currently enrolled on a Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma and thought the Anatomy and Physiology Refresher (IFPA approved) would be a useful starting point. I was unsure at first about finding a reputable online training provider but having read endless positive comments on ETS testimonials I decided to enrol. I t was quick and easy to get started, any queries I had prior to starting the training was promptly and efficiently answered by ETS in a friendly and courteous manner. The course itself was pitched at a good level which was able to test my knowledge thoroughly in all areas of the anatomy systems. The self assessments were a good way of testing my progress and allowed me to see which areas I needed to focus on. I rarely needed to contact tutors but when I did they were very kind and extremely helpful. I passed my A&P course as provided by ETS in 4 weeks at a pace I wanted to work at. I have recommended ETS to others looking for training in a similar area and would definitely use ETS again. – Lucy, Hinckley

I was a bit nervous as im not that confident on the computer and online, this is the first course (FHT Further Pathology) i have undertaken and would do another, the layout login and way the course is structured is simple and very easy to follow 10 out of 10. – Hannah, Ormskirk

I did the (FHT) pathology online course with ETS and it was really marvellous. Easy to use, clear and straightforward. I liked it a lot, thanks. – Barbara, Ireland


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The online lay out (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) breaks the pages into simple smaller sections which are so much easier to absorb. The questions after each few pages really help ingrain the information, and the changing questions in the self assessments cement the information again and again. It is money well spent, the information is in my brain forever, but I still keep the text book and cd. The resource pages are jammed with amazing visuals of the human body and systems. Thank You Chris and Sharon for simplifying what is potentially a very complex and daunting course, as well as being so prompt in all your replies to my queries. I’ll be recommending this course to everybody. – Natasha, Dublin

Good,straightforward course (FHT Further Pathology), keeping CPD points up and keeping the old brain working! – Caroline, Redruth

I’ve just completed the FHT Pathology course and found the whole on-line learning experience with ETS to be excellent. I’ve done distance learning previously with other providers and you tend to be completely forgotten about once they’ve taken your money but NOT with ETS. There were many times when I was beavering away on-line and an email popped up from Chris offering words of encouragement which goes a long way to help your motivation. I feel confident that had I needed more support they would be there in an instant. Thank you for making the experience enjoyable. I’ll definitely be back to do more courses with you! With best wishes for 2013 and beyond. – Zena, Haughton le Spring

What a great approach to learning (FHT A&P).From home in your own time. I enjoyed being able to pick it up at whatever time suited me. The better I did the more I wanted to go online and learn. Enjoyed also taking the assesments as this helped ease my nerves for final. – Sarah, Littlehampton

I think the idea of online courses, such as Anatomy & Physiology, Health & Safety, Pathology, etc (maybe you’ll add a First Aid test eventually, too) are brilliant as lots of us are mobile therapists doing our treatments along with a regular or part time job. Having a choice to do the course when it best suits you is fantastic. Most of my study was done on my iPad while standing in queue or sitting in a bus/train. I did not need much support so I can not vouch for that personally, but I am absolutely certain that it is brilliant. Looking forward to new courses… Simonida, London

I have found the course (AoR A&P) to be very enjoyable, the site is easy to navigate. It was very comprehensive covering all topics in depth. The self assesments have also been useful and an aid to learning experience. Would not hesitate to use ETS for further training. – Jacqueline, Stoke-on-trent

This is the first on-line course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) I’ve ever done and would definately do this method again. You can work at your own pace and support was always available when I needed it. I found the self assessments really useful to help my learning. Georgina, Derby

It was easy, a joy to study (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology), tutors very helpful. Perfect for anyone, worth of money, and complete joy! – Olga, Montreal

I haven’t yet recommended ETS, but I definitely would if I knew of others looking to top up their A&P and pathology knowledge. I can certainly envisage doing this in the future. The course (AoR Additional Pathology) was easy to follow, clear and simple to use. I liked how I could easily do it at my own pace and fit it into my busy life, without this being an issue at all. I was always able to log in with no problem, for example. The team at ETS have been very supportive, and though I didn’t experience any issues, I knew they were there if I needed them. I would definitely use ETS again. – Nadine, Glasgow

It was very thorough indeed (FHT A&P)! Plus it’s very good value for £65. – Laura, Plymouth

Dear Sharon & Chris, Great to see you both at the show… just to update you since doing my A & P with you guys. Firstly I must say that the A & P was a great stepping stone for me to get back into the learning sector, it was so very interesting and you girls are just fab with all the encouragement and support that you gave along the way – thank you both for making learning so much fun. Secondly, having gained my diploma with you, this then led me to enrol at Solihull college to take the VTCT level 3 diploma in Complementary therapies, and what a fabulous year I had!!. I am now a fully qualified Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and masseuse and not only did I achieve that, but I also won an award at college (The Billingham award for excellence) and was featured in the local paper. Apart from the above therapies, I have also gone on to obtain further qualifications in other treatments and have widened my skills as a professional therapist. I am now a very happy, confident practicing therapist who is building a strong client base, and with my hard work and determination and the support from you both, you are credited with being my launchpad to where I am now, I have more “ologies” than you can shake a stick at. I would highly recommend “Essential Training Solutions” to anyone thinking about learning with you. I wish you all the best and may you continue to be, in my opinion, the best there is in online learning. Kindest regards – Lorraine, Studley

I enjoyed on line learning (FHT Pathology) for ease of use, I could choose when I wanted to learn. The encouragement of the tutors really helped. – Mollie, Halifax

SOOO much easier than having to travel to do a course (AoR Anatomy & Physiology CPD)! The encouragement from tutors is a great help, especially when trying to fit studies into a frantic lifestyle. A great solution for busy therapists. – Mollie, Halifax

Was great to be able to study in my own time (FHT Pathology) and at my space. Was very good to use the assessments as revision. Thankyou – Cheryl, Beaworthy

The team at ETS have provided a valuable, accessible and informative learning experience (AoR Pathology) which has allowed me to develop further as a therapist. – Fiona, Canterbury

It is great and very important course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) for every massage therapist. Tutors were very supportive when I had hard times sometimes. – Martin, Czech Republic

ETS have been fab! Having all the material online (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) made studying easier, and the tutors have been patient and supportive throughout. Top marks! Eleanor, Leeds

Brilliant! (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) So easy to use with fantastic support throughout. Thoroughly recommend. – Jennifer, Orpington

Content (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology) presented well. Tutor support excellent. All necessary resources provided. – Jake, Bristol

Well organised course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology) with good tutor support and great resources to help you through. – Anna, Oadby

Really enjoyed the course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology). Support was great and content very good. – David, Southport

The website was easy to use and being able to take the final test via a webcam was brilliant, I didn’t have to worry about travelling to somewhere I didn’t know because I was at home. Being able to do the course (VTCT Less Common Pathology) in my own time, from home made it a joy to do. I will be keeping an eye on the website to see what I fancy doing next. – Christine, Hinckley

It is great to be able to earn CPD points (FHT Pathology) from home, when it suits me. – Gill, West Sussex

Very easy to go on line (AoR Complete Pathology), support very good a lot of encouragement from tutor, I would do another course if something interested me. – Carol, Aberdeen

This course (FHT Pathology) was fantastic. Really easy to navigate, with thorough and in depth-content. Thank you ETS!!! – Josie, Fordingbridge

The course (AoR A&P) was very clearly presented and easily accessible, which I really appreciated. The language was clear and concepts explained well. The assessments were just as clear, and it was great to have the tutor’s support and knowing I could contact them if I had a problem. – Nadine, Glasgow

This is a good course (FHT Pathology), students can choose how much research they do beyond the basic course notes, giving an open learning experience to suit varying learning styles. The ETS notes are concise and contain a good foundation which invites further investigation by the inquisitive mind. An enjoyable course experience overall. Thank you. – Trevor, Hitchin

I thought the course (FHT Pathology) was excellent and would certainly do future courses with you and have already recommended you to my friends. It is a few years since I studied anatomy and physiology and I thought the pathology course would be great refresher and it. Plus it also gave me additional information that I can use in my therapy practice. I thought the conditions selected covered an excellent range of conditions which I, as a therapist, am likely to be presented with on regular basis. – Gill, Melton Mowbray

I really enjoyed this course (AoR A&P). I found it comprehensive, stimulating and a great way to learn in my own time at my own speed. – Susanna, London

This was a very easy way to study with easy access to resources and tests (FHT Pathology). I was able to do as much or as little as I wanted which fitted in with my busy schedule. I would use ETS again for further courses. – Jane, Swindon

An accessible, comprehensive introductory course (FHT Pathology). Well supported in terms of materials and tutor guidance. Excellent summaries of the pathological conditions addressed with highly relevant links to more detailed information regarding those conditions. – Chris, Newcastle

I really enjoyed doing the (FHT) pathology course, and it was very useful course. – Mohammed, Oxford

An excellent course (FHT Pathology) with very good tutor support. Would highly recommend ETS for courses and CPD. – Gary, Warrington

Laid back and relaxed approach to a course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) that is so enlightening and informative and essential for complementary therapists. The support over my long and action packed 3 years was fabulous. Thank you both so much. xx. – Maggie, Hinckley

I’m very happy with the course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) and the support provided. Chris and Sharon were both very supportive throughout the course. I found the A&P book clear and easy to understand. Thank you! – Joanne, Nottingham

Easy and full of support (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology). – Lilian, Derby

Thoroughly enjoyable course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) with excellent content and delivery. Chris and Sharon are always helpful and supportive. Would definitely recommend. –Caroline, Coventry

Course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) was great. Covered everything I needed and was easy to use. Particularly liked the questions through the reading so I know I have actually taken it in! – Melissa, Wigton

Excellent value for money, easy to follow with support that responds quickly to emails. All in all glad I picked this way to get my A&P (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology). – Nicola, Welwyn Garden City

It was very challenging but I loved it (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology). What was particularly great was the student support (fantastic!!) so well organised. Thanks so much! – Kerry, Holt

I would highly recommend this course (FHT Pathology), very informative and great value for money, thank you. – Tracey, Hythe

Is a easy way to study at the time and they (FHT Anatomy and Physiology) keep you entertained and confident. – Javier, Bristol

This is a fabulous way to learn, easy to follow step by step and knowing that help, support and encouragement is only a phone call away is very reassuring, it’s fabulous and so is Chris and everyone at ETS. – Su, Hove

I have completed both the AOR Pathology and the FHT A&P CPD courses and found them really excellent. It is a great way of learning and a great refresher. I didn’t feel pressured and as I get very anxious with exams, I found having the reinforcing questions and being able to do the assessments several times really helpful. I particularly valued the regular feedback/encouragement from the tutors, particularly when I was on my sixth attempt at the muscular quiz!! Keep up the good work. – Gillian, Essex

This is a wonderful and beautifully crafted course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology). It goes into the right depth and width for a course which covers such a wide scope. The content is interestingly presented with intermittent quizzes to aid in understanding and remembering what is taught. The person completing the course becomes very knowledgeable in A & P and would provide the learner with a solid foundation to explore further into the subject. It is indeed an enriching, valuable and enjoyable learning experience. Perhaps more courses should be designed this way! – Phua, Singapore

I found the (FHT Pathology) course every enjoyable. No stress to complete it quickly which put me at my ease to get it done as I could. The content was concise and informative. A wonderful opportunity to help re-vamp my own knowledge and skills. A+ – Jasmine, Doncaster

I had difficulty getting started with the course (FHT Pathology) as teaching commitments and so on kept getting in the way but once I got started I found this really easy to follow and work through and would recommend this to anyone. – Tammy, Boston

I found the course (AoR Pathology) really easy to follow and think it should be an essential part of any therapists training or continued development. Unless you are already working in a medical environment, it is highly unlikely that a therapist would understand such a wide range of conditions or diseases. Yet, it really is vital to build up an understanding to ensure a professional level of practice. Really glad I have completed the course. – Sue, Chelmsford

Really enjoyed it (VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) – instructive, easy to use and navigate. Always helpful administration. – Sandi, Norfolk

100% of my vote goes to the tutors Sharon and Chris, an absolute delight and supportive course (VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology). – Christina, London

I found it (FHT Anatomy & Physiology CPD) really easy to use. The tutorials are very good. Love the questions. Love the fact you can do the self assesments as many times as you want, which I did a few times, being rather a perfectionist. Any support I asked for was given. Nice people on the end of the phone and on the weekly newsletter. I would use ETS again if I need to. Big thanks to the team. – Karen, Rugby

Interesting informative course (FHT Pathology) – would have liked a few more pathologies described,but was as described in course description.would have liked a little more info on holistic therapy treatment- a little thin in places. Generally happy with the course though. – Caroline, Redruth

I have found the (FHT Pathology) course to be easy to follow, all the course material has been of a high standard and very comprehensive. I would recommend this course to anyone who works in my field of as a Sports Massage Practioner. – Lesley, Waterlooville

Rewarding (FHT Pathology) course with relevent material and resources. – Wendy, Barry

ETS tutors were encouraging and kept in touch every week. I felt supported but not hurried or rushed. You can do the courses at your own pace fitting them in with your lifestyle and unforseen events. The course – Complete Pathology – stretched me as I had never heard of some of the conditions included and learnt more about some I already knew a little about. It was worthwhile as I can now join the Association of Reflexologists and become recognised for the standard of my work. Many thanks to Chris and the team for the experience. – Liz, Exmouth

My (AoR Pathology and AoR Additional Pathology) certificates were sent out extremely quickly and the envelope even included a card of congratulations! It’s obvious that you are receiving personal service from a friendly sized company rather than an anonymous organisation, and I would recommend to everyone. I even enjoyed the assessments! – Andrea, Taunton

I have enjoyed the course (AoR Anatomy and Physiology) and hope to use this in my every day life. – Carol, St Albans

I really enjoyed the (AoR Pathology) course. It was accessible and enjoyable and I could do it at my own speed. I would definitely do further dourses for CPD. – Andrea, Taunton

First class support system for distance learning. Simple to use self assessment methods. Excellent value for money. – Kathryn, Darlington

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) and have found the on-line assessments/mock exams very useful. The tutors are extremely helpful and always reply promptly. I would recommend this course to anyone. Thank you. – Barbara, Nottingham

I have enjoyed the course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) and feel that I have learned more because of the way the course is structured i.e. knowing that there is a test at the end of each section made me learn each really well. Tutors really supportive and friendly. –Susan, Atherstone

I chose this (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) course because I liked the learning style and the fact you can have a free taster of the on line tutorial, and the diploma covered pathology as well. I am dyslixic and although I enjoy learning it can be a real challenge. The tutors were very supportive, and what was so refreshing was I did not have to justify what support I needed and why. Where my screen reader did not work on the tutorial (which was only once) I had the text e mailed the same day to me in a word doc. I could take take the exam on line via webcam at home so I could use my own computer. I found the tutors really supportive and very helpful when I got stuck and they were able to find a way of explaining thing to me in a way I could understand. – Sarah, Woodbridge

Excellent content to the (AoR Pathology) course and easy to both understand and a good future reference. Extremely friendly tutors and always felt happy there was real support not just a faceless helddesk. – Jackie, Chelmsford

I thought that the Pathology level 3 diploma course was brilliant, it was very informative not only for the actual diseases themselves but also the holistic point of view valuable to me as a Complementary Therapist. I really enjoyed the weekly posts sent to me this really encouraged me to do well and let me know that I was not on my own as it was nice to see others doing well too. I like the little ‘thought for the day’ posts as it again was encouraging and gave a more human approach to doing the course. I have now signed up for the advanced Pathology because I just enjoyed studying using ETS. I would certainly recommend doing the course as it is real value for money and you learn lots and lots of new information – brilliant a huge thank you ETS! –Saran, Buckie

I have to say that I have enjoyed this course (FHT A&P) immensely, whoever put it together should be congratulated, technically challenging but presented in a very informative and easy to understand format. Thanks for your encouraging words along the way and I look forward to receiving the certificate in due course (no pun intended!). – Ralph, Redditch

Loved the course (FHT Pathology), very easy to follow and by doing the self assessments I was able to retain the information. The only problem I found was my own motivation, once I got that under controll it was all guns blazing. The tutors were brilliant by congratulating and encouraging all the way through. Thank you ETS. – Jacqueline, Derby

Amazing company and directors. During the course (FHT Anatomy & Physiology CPD) help was always provided even down to general enquiries about career avenues, insurance etc. Thanks for all the support and i recommend anyone interested in learning about these courses to use essential training. – Matthew, Brighton

The course (AoR Pathology) was easy to follow on line and full of all the information I needed to complete the course. I appreciated the tutor support every time I completed a module. –Rosemary, Ross on Wye

This course (FHT Pathology) is ideal for brushing up your knowledge and is appropriate for gaining CDP points. It is easy to access and can be completed in whatever time frame you have available. The tutor was easy to contact and seemed genuinely interested in offering the help and encouragement I needed to get started. I found the course content interesting and informative. Thank you so much. – Janet, Cumbria

An efficeint means to prove ones competence in a subject area. A new way of learning for me and I was suprised at how much I learned. – Lynn, Worcester

This is the best distance learning course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) I have been on, through ease of use and speed of response from the tutors. I also found the Health and Safety Resource very useful and used it to take and pass the health and safety element of my complementary therapies diploma. – Katharine, Coalville

I have had an amazing journey of knowledge and encouragement on this course (VTCT Anatomy & Physiology), the support is outstanding from the tutors. – Christina, London

The least-stressful way of gaining your (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) qualification! Susan, Folkestone

Once I got started (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) and followed the apporach advised by ETS, the course was challenging but incredibly easy to follow. Doing and passing EKEs and the excellent encouragement from Chris and Sharon really helped me through the tough times! Thank you so much! – Maureen, East Lothian

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course (VTCT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) – there has been absolutely loads of new stuff to learn but the format of the course is really enjoyable – a great way to learn and revise and the support has been fantastic. – Jacky, Bury St Edmunds

Although an on-line, self-study course, I felt part of something larger. The course material and research links have increased my knowledge, and given me something to continue to work with. The material was clearly and concisely presented, as were the assessment questions. I’m glad I’ve done this course. – Elizabeth, Stockport

The (FHT A&P) Course highlighted and improved my knowledge that i had already obtained from doing a HND Sport Science course. It was great to get a solid foundation before I under take my Physiotherapy degree next year. – Wayne, Taunton

I thoroughly enjoyed the AOR Pathology CPD course, being able to go at my own pace was a plus. It was good to receive my results instantly, and also the positive encouragement following every subject assessment from my tutor. – Elaine, Milton Keynes

The information given about the course was concise and very useful. The tutors are encouraging and easily available for help. – Miranda, Nantwich

Doing courses via the internet is a great idea. I am on the Isle of Man and can’t always get access to courses without traveling to the UK. – Lisa, Ise of Man

It was easy to use, especially for some one like myself with learning difficulties and very interesting with no pressure with time limits, I could do it in my spare time which is rare. Lynn, Eastleigh

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and the information and support was excellent. I will definitely be using essential training for my cpd points along with practical of course!! Thank you.– Treena, Surrey

Information very informative and easy to understand. – Angela, Luton

Excellent content and support. Course very comprehensive and informative – help is there every step of the way if required. A thoroughly enjoyable learning experience – highly recommended! Julie, Kirkby-in-Ashfield

I have really enjoyed this course. It’s user friendly on the computer and the tutorials are given in bite size, so you’re not over loaded all at once. – Kelly, Vigo

Fabulous support during the learning. Being able to use the materials at home on-line or by CD and away from home via the book. Thank you. – Sue, Baldock

Chris and Sharon have such a postive, supportive feedback system. You know they are there whenever/if you need them. – Elaine, Derby

This was the first time I’d used ETS. I studied pathology and found it to be a very well thought out course. I liked the fact that I could practice the assesments for each body system as many times as I needed. I didn’t need to contact Sharon or the others for support, but I knew they were always there if needed. On receiving my certificate shortly after completing the final exam, I was pleasently surprised to find a hand written congratulations card from sharon and all. I have never completed an online course, where the support was so good. I would recommend completing an ETS course. – Janette, Bridgwater

Fantastic on line course with excellent resources available to achieve the best results. – Sarah, Chacewater

It’s easy to use. The Tutor support is there if you need it. The course I did, FHT Pathology was good value for money. – Nicky, Tring

This was my first experience with ETS and I have found it has been a very good one, from my initial telephone conversation right through the entire course, supportive, encouraging and professioinal. The delivery of my certificate was prompt and I thought the inclusion of a little hand written card was a “lovely” touch. I have not recommended in the past as I knew nothing about it BUT I will certainly have no hesitation to do so now. I feel ETS goes that “extra” mile and I look forward to doing another course in the future. – Serena, Co. Antrim

I really enjoyed it’s ease of use and Sharon’s help whenever there was a problem. She made ETS is a very human experience. – Melanie, Worcester

The course is extremely good value for money and easy to access and follow. – Bee, Kent

This course was easy to do and covered many areas that i need to know more about for my job. The continuing emails of recognition from the tutors was very confidence boosting and helped with my enthusiams to finish the course. – Samantha, Bordon

The course was easy to understand and use, I am happy I took the course and would recommend it to anyone. – Kirsti, Swansea


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This course is well researched and written and is informative and interesting. The tutor support was excellent from the start and encouraging to help keep you motivated and inspired.I qualified as a Holistic Therapist eleven years ago and this course has been a helpful refresher and allowed me to build upon my existing knowledge whilst gaining a first rate reference library of information for the future. Also a great way to gain CPD. Many Thanks!! – Jocasta, Isle of Skye

The course was easy to understand and use, I am happy I took the course and would recommend it to anyone. – Kirsti, Swansea

The course was really good as it allowed me the flexibility to study at my own pace in the comfort of my own home with excellent support and encouragement when I need it. – Julie, Stoke-on-Trent

I found the pathology course easy to follow and study. It was at my fingertips any time that I wanted to study, and there was no set time to study each day. I could study when I had time, and when I felt like studying, which is very helpful in today’s rush around society. This course suited me 100%, and I would be glad to recommend ETS to anyone. The cost was very fair especially with all the materials and support that you get if it is required. I am so pleased with how the course has gone, that I have enrolled on further courses today. I would like to say well done to ETS, and would also like to say a big thank you to Sharon and the team for being so efficient, and very friendly through out. You are a credit to ETS, and it definetly makes it easier for students to study at their own pace with kind and friendly support if required. Thank you once again, God bless and love always – Rob, Kingswinford

The Complete Pathology course was my first experience of online study and a great one.I enjoyed my study with ETS, throughout the course I received encouragement and positive feedback regarding my progress. On completion, i also received congratulation emails and my cerfticates were sent within 3 days. I will definitely recommend ETS to friends and family. Thanks ETS! – Rachel, London

I loved it the way it was so I wouldnt change anything. It was great to refresh my memory on a lot of the conditions that I don’t see that often in practice. The format of the online course was fab and I will definately be buying from you again! – Kirsty, Gateshead

The course is comprehensive and very user friendly. The practice assessments give you a good indication of the final assessment. This is the second course I have done through ETS and would definately recommend them. – Pauline, Carlisle

Even studying alone I felt engaged and supported as if I had a face to face tutor. With no experience I have excelled all expectations. I can not thank you enough for experience and knowledge. – Richard, Bristol

I felt that the course was very well put together with instant feedback. Excellent. – Pauline, Andover

I have found the course very helpful; with an enjoyable way to learn the material and revise. The tutors are very helpful too. – Elizabeth, St Albans

Enjoyable course! I’m very proud of myself right now! Thank you x – Susan, Cheshunt

I have very much enjoyed the Pathology course via ETS, it has been put together in a way to help make learning fun and easier to remember. I was able to stop and pick up again when it suited me. – Sylvia, Eastleigh

I Enjoyed the course immensely. The site is really easy to navigate around. The links supplied were useful and very informative. I found myself reading deeper into subjects than perhaps was needed which can only be a good thing. I think I may well be looking into other courses ETS are running as I’m going to miss the course. There was plenty of support available and encouragement when assessments were completed. Thank you all so much. – Anne, Trowbridge

This is the best course I have ever done. It was easy to follow, in bite size chunks and learning the content was easy as you did it as you went along. Doing the tests really helped to show which areas needed more revision etc. Brilliant! – Deborah, Pontefract

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. This is the first time I have studied in 25 years and I found the course so easy to use online. The tutors were very supportive and encouraging and I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in Anatomy & Physiology. – Judith, Lytham St Annes

Very interesting course that informed my practice. Heaps of support and eay to pick up and put down as time and life allow. – Ali, Kilmaurs

The material is presented in an easy to understand manner with ample diagrams for understanding. Assistance is always at hand and once you get going it becomes easier to keep on – thank you! – Alison, Italy

The course was very comprehensive but very easy to to work with. It gave me the freedom to achieve a qualification from a location where it would not have otherwise been available. –Helen, Gwynedd

I’m so glad you have this program, It was really helpful for a working student like me and I’m so thankful for all of your support. More Power to all of you! – Maria, Athens

I found the course easy to follow, and if you click on every link provided then you have been given all the information you need to answer all questions easily, providing you read the question properly. It was a very easy way of obtaining CPD, and I look forward to the introduction of higher level studies for therapists who want to progress. – Denise, Oxford

Excellent course – the introduction was straightforward and it was useful doing research on the various conditions. I was fascinated about how many of the conditions have no actual cure and how many have very similar symptoms. The ETS downloads were a useful summary of each condition and I will value the holistic advice in them. Doing the tests is a good way of consolidating knowledge – it was very encouraging to receive emails from the tutors celebrating progress! I would thoroughly recommend the course and am intending to do further courses using Essential Training. – Gillian, Essex

Thankyou Chris and Sharon, another really well laid out and organised course. Easy to negotiate around the site, and loads of obtainable reading and information on all the conditions. I havn’t needed to contact you as tutors at any stage this time, but it has been lovely to receive the email support along the way from you. This is the second course I’ve done through ETS, and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone else considering studying online. – Lucy, Rutland

The training is very user friendly, easy to follow, very informative and the feedback from the tutors excellent. – Veronica, Kendal

I have really enjoyed it – I would have been happier to face more questions to ensure greater breadth of knowledge – but accept that may not be popular with those wanting to complete the course quickly. That said I feel I have learnt a great deal and thoroughly enjoyed the process many, many thanks. – Deborah, Stockport

Content was very good, i like the tutorials and self assesment ideas. They give you a clue to your weak areas. – Carole, Liphook

An extremely valuable course that has provided refresher training and easy to understand course materials that I can refer to if needed. ETS is ideal if you are constantly busy, on-the-go with little time to physically attend training courses. Having the ability to complete the course in sections, as and when I have time is a superb, convenient way of completing refresher training and building CPD points. Will definitely recommend and will definitely be back for more soon! Thanks very much! – Cara, Bridgend

Really enjoyed the course,it’s the 1st online course i have done. Liked emails received after self assessments as found them encouraging. Would recommend ETS to others. – Paula, Boston

I really enjoyed this course and found it was very well structured to help learn the load of material. The size of the sections, questions to check understanding , spelling tests all helped aid retention and grasp the material. I found it was written in clear, plain English. When I did check other resources, I was always impressed by the comparative clarity of ETS and happy to return to the site. The self testing with the SAs was also very useful, especially in the preparations for the final. Often I felt the EKEs surprised me with a new angle of questioning on the material that I hadn’t considered before. Now, I can see they were designed to check my depth of understanding and not just an ability to rote learn. Thank you for taking the time to design the course to really help students learn what is a fascinating subject in depth and make it fun and enjoyable at the same time. – Bridget, Japan

I enjoyed the pathology course. The course content was very good and, being able to do the assessments whenever I had spare time was great, making the whole thing stress-free. I would not hesitate to use ETS Training in the future – Sheila, Isle of Mann

I really enjoyed the course, I found it easy to use & also gain a lot of knowledge from it. I will be looking at doing more courses with you in the future for sure! I don’t think there is anything you could improve on. The content was great & the website is also great & easy to use. Well done on creating something special! – Kathy, Chesterfield

ETS has helped me gain more qualifications to further my career as a massage therapist. Their courses are very user friendly and easy to understand. I would certainly do any appropriate courses available with ETS. – Pauline, Kent

Fantastic that you can learn at your own pace, when YOU decide, I have been known to switch on the laptop at 2-3am if I cant sleep! Very extensive data available, you get what you put into the course. The assessments are a great idea, and show you where your weak areas are BEFORE you sit the final exam. Its great to have the tutors sending motivational emails to you every week to encourage and congratulate. Would definitely use you again. – Jackie, Worcester

I have completed 2 courses with this company and have found them very supportive. Both courses were very relevant to both mobile therapists and those who might have their own property. The Health and Safety course was good as was the Anatomy and Physiology which I have just completed. – Tracy, Tonypandy

It was very nice to get encouraging remarks from you during the course and good value for money although most of it was on the NHS website! As an Aromatherapist and practising Registered Nurse it boosted my confidence and updated my knowledge! Many Thanks! Jennifer, Suffolk

It was very detailed and very comprehensive and I learnt a lot. I have studied distance learning before and have never got as detailed course for the price. It is brillant value for money. – Orla, Tyrone

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the material presented in an understandable and interesting way. Chris and Sharon were both supportive and encouraging throughout. Charlotte, Dorking

The best online learning course I have seen. Very interactive. Nothing to improve. A really enjoyable and flexible way to learn. A truly interactive online approach which certainly worked well for me. Thank you. – Carol, Stoke on Trent

Fantastic support as it took me a long time to complete the course. No pressure to finish just encouragement all the way. Would recommend to anyone. – Paula, Rugby

I found the weekly emails really encouraging and my aim was to be star of the week!! Great encouragment and approachable via telephone. – Katrina, Nottingham

Very easy going and supportive. Felt like I was in control of my learning. Extremely friendly. Elaine, Cannock

I think this is a very good, well organised online course with excellent self assessment opportunities. In saying that I felt that an online learning evironment does not suit me and I really craved a more social/face to face environment. – Laura, Lancaster

The course was easy to use. It had very clear instructions on how to use it. The quizzes were a great way of checking how much you were taking in, and the downloads were perfect for reading through to summarise what you had just read. They are also useful to keep as quick reference for future clients. A great way on brushing up on learning conditions if you haven’t done any studying for a while. The feedback you get from the tutor every week is a great boost to keep on going. Would recommend it to anyone wanting to earn their cpd points or just to brush up on their pathology. – Tessa, Lutterworth

This is the first online course that I have done and didn’t really know what to expect – but found it very easy to work with – the content was excellent. I particularly found the flexibility to study, do tutorials and assessments at my own pace and in my own time really useful. Would definately consider doing another online course now. – Carol, Amersham

I found the course very user friendly and the encouragement from the tutor support was invaluable. – Lesley, Durham

The course was well planned. It was all explained fully within the guide, so all quite straightforward. I found that the course content was very good and by following the links supplied I found that all of the information I required was available. I have enjoyed doing the course and will probably enrol for further courses in the future. I have to say that the complimentary emails that I received from the tutors each time I achieved a good result did make me feel good. – Eileen, Andover

Thank you to all at ETS for a great learning experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed the FHT Pathology course. I was pleased that I could learn at my own pace and I never felt pressurised (it took me nearly four months to complete). The course content was easy to follow with useful website links and downloadable material which could be printed off so I didnt have to spend lots of time looking at a computer screen. I have always been a little apprehensive about taking exams but I found the quizzes fun and appreciated the encouragement I received from the tutors. By the time I was ready to take the final assessment I felt well prepared. – Gwyneth, Torquay

I found the course very easy to use, a convenient way to study and improve my knowledge base in the comfort of my own home. – Elizabeth, Luton

I found this course very helpful as a Therapist and to understanding problems that clients have with pain and symptoms. Very interesting and easy to understand and not too much time consuming to get my head around the questions. – Maria, Warwickshire

The course was concise and well put together, with website links and downloadable materials. The content focused on the essential information needed to have a good understanding of each of the key conditions, without any unnecessary reading and research. I had covered most of the content before on my Reflexology (Anatomy & Physiology) course, but it was a good refresher. –Robert, West Midlands

A very well put together course. I love the way the information is delivered in bite-size chunks. Very digestable! Can’t fault it!. – Annie, South Yorkshire

I would recommend the course to anyone. Although you can study at your own pace at home the way the quizzes and the theory complement each other you get a thorough understanding of the subject . – Carson, Kent

I was a bit reluctant to enter study again but found myself pleasantly surprised by just how engaged I became in this course. I particularly enjoyed the communication with my tutor around things other than the course which made it a very human experience. – Padmapriya, Surrey

I really enjoyed doing the course, I am new to computers, but did not find the course instructions at all daunting. I liked the fact that you could re-do the tests as often as you liked, and found this a great help, as well as a brilliant way to revise. – Susan, Leicester

I enjoyed the course and found it interesting. It was so well structured that I did not need any tutor support and still managed to pass easily. Learning about the different illnesses has made me more aware of looking after my own health through healthy eating, exercise and relaxation. Thank you!. – Hayley, London

Found accessing the training at a time convenient to me really useful. The self assessment tests were great for confirming I had understood the course clearly and the support emails kept me focused to continue the course. – Louise, Bristol

The course covered a huge variety of conditions relating to every individual body system and was, at times, quite challenging. I really enjoyed it, though, and would use ETS again. – Paula, Belfast

I felt there was nothing to be improved. The tutors were fanstastic, helpful and put you at ease as soon as you arrived in the school for the final assessment. Very friendly, good atmosphere and encouraging. Fab. Thanks for all the support!– Julie, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The course was fantastic, easy to use, good support from the tutors, highly recommended, also you can fit it in with your work and personal life. Very good.– Jodie, Hertfordshire

I was dubious about being isolated and unmotivated when first looking into online study. My experience was quite the opposite however. Support tutors were always to hand (or email!) and I found the convenience of studying online was just what I needed.– Lorraine, Leamington Spa

I have really enjoyed this course – not sure what I will do with all my spare time now!! I loved getting the weekly summaries, and felt like I was constantly supported, with any questions being answered as quickly as possible. Thank you.– Kelly, Skelmersdale

I found the course to be extremely user friendly, being able to access all areas at any time of day. Lots of useful tips which made points stick in the memory. It was great to know Chris and Sharon were just an email away to answer any queries for support.– Karen, Cambridge

The course has been very interesting all through. The tutors have all the way been supportive even though there is that long distance. The instructions have always been very clear with swift responses to my emails.– Michael, The Gambia

This training course has been very useful to me a lot. It has improved me a lot and made a lot of changes to my work as bone health research assistant. The ETS team has been very supportive throughout the course.– Mustapha, The Gambia

I really enjoyed the flexibility of learning online, and knowing immediately how I was doing. Overall a great, simple and totally controllable experience.– Denise, London

The (FHT Pathology) course was very well done and the tutor correspondence was great. I have really enjoyed doing this course and have taken a lot of knowledge away with me. Thank-you! ETS has been a great learning experience and has made studying enjoyable again. I would highly recommend ETS. – Natalie, Wiltshire

What amazing help you get and a lot of encouragement from the teachers. I feel that these training I learn better then other courses I have done in the past. I feel so proud that I got a lot of help and it ease my mind to carry on which is important – Elizabeth, Edgeware

I have done quite a few distance learning courses but this exceeds all others. Every e-mail query has been answered promptly and support has always been there. A very well structured course and very comprehensive. – Lyn, Norwich

I would recommend this to any therapist the tutors so helpful i found it so easy at the end of the course but at first it was hard. But I m so inspired that i have done this A & P and passed. –Elizabeth, Middlesex

I found the entire experience really good and easy to use. The quizzes helped prepare me and the info on the sites was very helpful and in a format that was easy to use and follow. I enjoyed it. – Pauline, Cumbria

I thoroughly enjoyed the Course, which was my first ‘online Course’. I even enjoyed doing the initial assessments, and the fact you can do them again. Downloads are invaluable. Will definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues. I regret not taking advantage of bogof, but thats life.– Wendy, Hampshire

The Pathology was very interesting, it complimented Anatomy and Physiology very well. This extra insight and knowledge is invaluable to the manual therapist. – Michael, Buckinghamshire

Initially, I was worried about this difficult subject! But to obtain my aromatherapy certificate, I have no choice! When I was started the ETS A&P online study, it really surprises me! It really makes me very easy to learn, to understand and to memories. I love to study A&P when after I have started the first chapter. So now I have passed my final exam and it is very easy to do. I will recommend to my friends in future. Overall is excellent! Karmen – Malaysia

Amazing amount of personal support for an online course. The course was easy to follow – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. – Trish, Nantwich

Everything was explained well and the course tutors were very helpful. Thoroughly enjoyable. –Jade, Worcester

Studying A&P with ETS was brilliant for me as I could study at a leisurely speed that suited my changing work patterns. I saved the time it took to travel to a class by studying instead. The step by step CD and book is really easy to follow. I didn’t feel rushed to finish each stage but I was so encouraged that I found it hard to put down. The online support is always there and I would thoroughly recommend this course. – Pam, Sheffield

Thanks so much for all your support during the course. I’m really pleased I did the pathology part 2 as it brought together everything I had learnt in the anatomy and physiology and makes sense of how these first 2 parts are relevant for complementary therapists in application!  All 3 elements will be very useful in my practice for Thai yoga massage. Great course, really well supported, lovely tutors and lots of encouragement throughout when otherwise you could feel like you are studying in isolation. Thank you Sharon and Chris. – Bev, Kent

So simple to use, no pressure and lots of friendly support. What else do you need? – Michael, High Wycombe

The course was brilliant. I couldn’t ask more from Sharon and Chris – they have been so supportive. I am so pleased I enrolled. I felt supported from the beginning to the last question on the final assessment. – Jessica, Lowerstoft

I completely fell in to the right hands. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Hina, London

Extremely good course, very detailed and exacting. Easy to use, plenty of backup and help as and when required. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable experience. – Paul, Norwich

Allowed me to work towards a qualification in my own time. – Rebecca, Nottingham

I started the course in the hope of finishing as quickly as possible. Unfortunately I ended up having a few health issues that slowed me down, but the support I got from the ETS team was amazing and it encouraged me to not give up and finish it! Thank you!!! xxx – Sabine, Redhill

I have loved the course. The tutorial is easy and fun to use. The manual is very clear and concise. I loved the self assessments and the mock exam, great revision tools. Chris and Sharon have been so supportive and friendly. Excellent course! – Christine, Staines

Great course with lots of support. The weekly emails were chelpful to chivvy me along. The book is written in a friendly way with helpful hints and memory tips. Thanks very much! – Bev, Whitstable

Great journey. Great team. Very good content and yes accredited. – Peter, Sheffield

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Chris and Sharon are lovely people – highly recommended!! Many thanx. – Sharon, North Lincolnshire

Made to feel very welcome and given support and ideas on how to study. Made to feel welcome and relaxed in the final assessment. Chris and Sharon are a wonderful team and I can’t thank them enough! – Stephanie, Chesterfield

I enjoyed everything about the course. The information was very easy to digest. The website was very concise and entertaining at times! – Michelle, Menston

My training has been “amazing”, set out in easy to understand modules – I even gave up smoking whilst training! A huge thanks to Chris and  Sharon, you’ve been wonderful. – Lorraine, Belz, France

Really interesting course, with lots of help on hand if you can’t understand something or want more information. –  Sarah, Royston

Initially when I first got into the course, I was a bit concerned I had bitten off more than I could chew being a full-time worker. However, the nice thing about this course is you can do it at your own pace, so I am delighted to get through it and pass! – Suzanne, London

Excellent – very easy accessible way to study. – Gail, Kingston upon Thames

Very supporting team – thanks Chris and Sharon. Very enjoyable. I wish I had done it sooner now! I found using the internet course more motivating than the book – I wish I realised that sooner. Highly recommended. – Zoe, Pencader

I am amazed at the endless patience of Chris and Sharon in nurturing us all over the difficult bits and celebrating all the success! – Liz, Leeds

Excellent! Interesting, enjoyable and relaxed. It was definitely worth doing. Thank you! Dominique, Woking

Taking the course has given me the confidence to further my career. – Janice, Holywell

I found the A&P course very interesting and easy to use, having different medias available to study from is helpful and allows you to choose a study method that suits you. The tutor support is great, especially when you have not undertaken a course like this before. – Sarah, Solihill

The flexibility of the course was perfect for me because I have a very demanding job. I really enjoyed completing the course and also enjoyed the functionality of the web site, particularly the ability to do unlimited numbers of attempts of the mock exam. The support I received on the course was brilliant. – Kira, Reading

The support was very, very good. Both Sharon and Chris were very encouraging and always supportive. The course itself was very easy to follow too. First time I have done an online course and thought it was great! – Shree – London

I really enjoyed this course. It is easy and, although it is online, you feel totally supported by your tutors. I would not mind to join any other course with ETS. – Marta, Edinburgh

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. The self-assessments were straight forward and reassuring. It was in chunks that were easy and enjoyable to learn. It’s the best course I have taken and should recommend to anyone. – Carol, Buntingford

Excellent. I have really enjoyed the course. The tutors have been helpful and supportive throughout. – Sally-Ann, Rotherfield

The course was really easy to use and helped breakdown all the information into bite sized pieces. Thank you. – Nicola, Nottingham

I carried out extensive research before selecting this course as I knew I wanted an online course that was user friendly, provided the best learning environment and aids along with allowing me to progress as fast as I could. The demonstration of the tutorial sold it to me within moments and I have at many times throughout the course been thankful for the piecemeal facts, with questions throughout. This not only enables one to feel in control and not overwhelmed, but it consolidates the learning throughout and assists with revision to boot. The content is totally non- basis about any previous knowledge. In fact I had none whatsoever and used only the ETS tutorial and ended with a 100% pass mark in the final; so to those of you that may feel you can’t do it, take the plunge! ETS not only provide a well honed learning tool and environment but they back it up with 100 % sincere support at every juncture along the way! With self-assessments to test your knowledge and finals every 8 weeks, there is nothing to loose, but a fantastic working knowledge of ourselves to gain! – Alison, Tidworth

This was a fantastic experience. I really enjoyed the way the course was structured and the way it led me to the final assessment. The best course I have ever done. Thank you so much. –Zohra, St. Albans

Excellent course, well laid out, concise, online experience fantastic, book fantastic – would recommend highly. – Maggie, Chesham

Fantastic tutors – very friendly and supportive. Regular contact proved to be very motivating. Thoroughly enjoyed it and was a great sense of satisfaction in completing it. – Sian, Bridgend

I really enjoyed the format and content of this course and in particular that by the end I had a good understanding of the inter-relationships between systems. Also felt totally supported and encouraged throughout. – Emma, Kent

A tension free qualification, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. My questions (and there were a few) were answered promptly and satisfactorily. Many thanks. – Amanda, Northamptonshire

Good support, friendly, very easy layout, easy to understand, good depth even though not studied this subject before. Would do another course. – Wanda, Fife

I found the course easy to use and although my mind felt buggled first of all, it gradually started to make senses as I completed more and more sections. The mock final assessment gave me more confidence. – Molly, Cardiff

Excellent course, very user friendly with excellent support. You feel there is always someone there in the background if you encounter any problems, so although you study by yourself you are not alone. Thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend thoroughly. – Brenda, Coventry

I have found the course with ETS to be a fantastic experience with great tutor support. Personally I have only been able to do this in my own time which other courses do not offer. This means it is a lot more flexible and less stressful! – Hollie, Blandford Forum

The course content is marvellous, very clear and concise. The material, book, CD and website are easy to manage. The tutor support has been great. – Jayne, Canterbury

Pleased with how the course allows you to go at your own pace. Really enjoyed it. Thanks. –Oliver, Swindon

Thoroughly enjoyed the learning – it made me want to learn more. Fantastic tutor support – never felt alone in it. – Tess, Safron Walden

Thankyou to Sharon and Chris for providing such a great online course! I found it worked really well for me, having not been able to get onto the A and P course at my nearest college for various reasons, this course was the perfect answer, with the added benefit of not having to travel each week. It ticked all the right boxes – well recognised and certified by all the necessary examining boards, which speaks volumes, it is well written, well laid out and easy to navigate your way around. It provides a way of flexible learning, so that you can fit it in around work etc, whilst giving you the choice of using the book, cd rom or online version. The self assessments are invaluable to test your knowledge and bring you up to scratch for the EKEs, and also for revision in the run up to the final assessment. Most importantly, if ever I did need to ask a question, there was always a friendly, helpful voice on the other end of the phone, and emails always had quick replies. As for final assessment day, well it was lovely to meet Sharon and Chris at last, they were there to greet us all with friendly faces, plus tea, coffee and biscuits! The assessment was fine, again, straight forward multiple choice questions, requiring one answer, which was a relief after some of the previous EKE questions. It was also good to meet the other students, and interesting to hear how people were going to use the qualification. All in all, a big thumbs up, thankyou! – Lucy, Rutland

The course met my expectations and more! The course materials were excellent, the freedom of being able to use the book while on the move and both the cd rom and the online version while at home made doing the course a piece of cake. The course material and the easy and varied mechanisms of studying for the online assessments made the course both easy and convenient. Big big thank you to Chris and Sharon for their excellent support all along the way. – Tracey, Staffordshire

For anyone looking to achieve a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, I can highly recommend Essential Training’s online VTCT accredited course. The course took many months to complete as I had to take time out because of illness, but I was able to return to study immediately. All I had to do was put the tutorial CD in the computer, revise the material I had previously covered (forgotten!), and away I went. I found the material on the CD laid out in an easy to learn format, together with great graphics – a necessity for learning anatomy and physiology! The support I received from the tutors throughout the course was second to none – always keeping in touch without being intrusive or exerting any form of pressure. They also showed great empathy and provided advice when necessary, drawn from their experience in both complementary therapies and computer knowledge. Achieving my Diploma took a great deal of study and hard work, but it was made so much easier using this online method. – Patricia, Wokingham

This course is definately thumbs up all the way. You pay one fee, with no hidden costs after, that includes your exam fee and if you need to a re-take. The course is structured in such a way that as long as you put the work in, you will learn and you will definately pass the final exam to get the diploma. Also you have on line support or via telephone if you wish with the e-tutors who run the course Chris & Sharon,they have been fantastic, it’s done on a very personal level (you’re not just a number) and they are always there to help & support you. The structure of the course is set out so you test & re-test yourself, so you always know where you are at & how much information is going in. There is a recognised qualification at the end of it, which is obviously what you’re aiming for, as a lot of on line courses don’t really offer this. Highly recommended!!! . – Sarah, Tolworth

Having the freedom to study when and where I like has had a huge impact on my success and progression throughout this course. The course content materials are presented in an excellent manner and are clear and easy to understand. I particularly like the fact that there are quiz questions throughout each module which help to build your confidence and confirm that the material is sinking into my memory. The way the course is broken down into bite sized chunks has allowed me to enjoy learning even the most challenging topics on the course, which have ultimately become my most favoured subject areas. I feel ready to continue with the rest of my career now, confident in the knowledge that Essential Training have given me a thorough understanding of the course material I needed – highly recommended!! – Lucy, Hove.

I would just like to say how much i have enjoyed the Anatomy & Physiology course by ETS. Its been a joy to learn at my own pace without the hassle of commuting to and from college during the winter months, with the added bonus of a recognised qualification at the end. The course content is easy to follow with self assessments to track your progress. The support and encouragement I’ve had from my online tutors has been second to none – thank you Chris and Sharon. – Suzanne, Shropshire

I would recommend this course on Anatomy and Physiology by ETS as the format is very easy to understand and as the course is broken down into different systems you can choose which order to complete them in. The course is very interesting and if you have any problems your tutor is on hand to help you through them and is always there with lots of encouragement. – Stella, Norwich

I wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed taking the essential Anatomy & Physiology course. I found it very easy to follow which in my case needed to be as my computer skills are very limited, i found it very useful to have lots of questions to answer along throughout the programme to way to confirm my understanding. The self assessment tests that are done on line are great as i got an instant result so was able to correct my knowledge straight away, not having to wait a week or more as would be the case in a class room situation. I found the course fitted well into my lifestyle as i could not study properly for about two months but found it very easy to get back into the course The warm welcome i received on the day of the exam made me fill very much part of the group. I would recommend this course to any one in the future. Many thanks for all your help and encouragement. – Tania, Banbury

I have really enjoyed studying with ETS. The course can be fitted into any lifestyle as you can work at your own pace, with the final assessment held every eight weeks. The support you will get from your tutor, Sharon, is fantastic, she is always there to answer any questions and push you on. The course itself is very thorough and fun to do, with plenty of self assessments to help you get to grips with each section. I highly recommend this course to anyone, whether it is needed to support your training in a therapy as it was for me learning the Bowen Technique or to extend your knowledge on anatomy and physiology. – Elizabeth, Somerset

I never knew how fun this course was going to be. I was very pleased when I heard there was a way of gaining a recognised qualification in A&P without having to travel nearly an hour every week to the nearest college. An added advantage to this course is that it fits round my very busy life. There are times when I’m unable to find the time to study for weeks, but my tutor, Sharon has been very patient, keeping in touch with encouraging & supportive emails. Being a bit of a technophobe I was initially rather apprehensive about all the computer work. But the online studying works really well–its so straight forward & easy. And the actual material is broken down into clear, concise, bite sized peices, with frequent mini tests to help make sure we’ve understood it. At the end of each module there is a self assessment test, which can be taken as many times as you like, which is very helpful, confidence building & good practise for the final exam. I am now well into the course, and really enjoying it, & look forward to getting the time to escape to the computer & get some more studying in. – Mary, Cheddar

I’m thoroughly enjoying the course and have found it be very well structured and once into the flow of doing the different sections, relatively easy to follow. I must admit when i first started i was a bit bewildered and felt as though i didnt know where to start but once i did start everything made sense. Its great doing the self assessments and essential knowledge tests as this i feel is the back bone of the course, in that you get know to know as you go along what you are understanding and what you are struggling with, rather than finding out when you do the main exam and possibly fail. Also the tutor help is fantastic and its really nice that you get emails just to check how your getting on, you really get a sense of that their is someone routing for you to do well and support you all the way, rather than just taking your money and leaving you to your own devices. – Dawn, Brighouse

Online learning is a really enjoyable way of studying. I have been able to learn at my own pace when and where I have wanted to! All the study/subject material is easily accessable on the Essential Learning website. I have found it really user friendly, primarily because I am not surrounded by piles of open books and loose bits of paper! So much more flexible! There are also mock tests on each subject area which has been invaluable as the results are immediate. The tutorials are interactive, clear and succinct, and offer all the information needed to understand the structure and function of the human body. To be able to manage your own pace in your own space really is a learning pleasure. Thanks Essential.– Lucy, London

My views on the course are that I am thoroughly enjoying the layout and materials provided. I find that I can easily access the information required whether I am on-line or using the CD rom provided. One word quote ‘Brilliant’. – Susan, Glasgow

I find this course style fits in easily with my busy lifestyle as it allows me to study as and when I like. The Tutors are friendly, supportive and helpful and the software is easy to understand.” Gail, Cheshire

The prospect of learning Anatomy and Physiology seemed very daunting. The subject matter looked difficult and the standard text books looked incomprehensible. Furthermore the courses offered by my local colleges were few and far between and those that were available were inconvenient. Then I found this amazing online course with ETS. I can study in my own time, whenever it is convenient. The subject matter is well presented, broken down into manageable sections and easy to understand. Little tests along the way and self assessments, at the end of each topic, help to cement understanding. The website has a forum where you can talk to other students and there is always a tutor to turn to for information or help. Don’t get me wrong the Anatomy and Physiology course is not a walk in the park, it requires commitment and a lot of study, but this online course eases the burden considerably. So, what seemed at first to be a daunting task is now something of an adventure, after all where else could you visit such exotic places like the Islets of Langerhans, the Volkmanns Canals and the Renal Pyramids? – John, Chesterfield

Essential Training’s well thought out and developed Anatomy & Physiology course transforms a very complex subject into a simple and enjoyable programme of learning. Separate modules comprehensively explain how the body works and gently build your knowledge step by step (actually, click by click). The in-depth information is presented in bite-size chunks that you can tackle in any order at your own pace. Packed full of powerful animated graphics and aide memoirs to enhance learning, you are guided logically throughout the course to achieve an in-depth understanding of each body system before completing an essential knowledge test, which is then formally signed off. As a mature student (heaven help me I am 60 next year and currently embarking on a new career!) I haven’t done any studying for years, so it is a testament to the quality of the course that I am consistently getting high results in my coursework. Gratification is instant as test results are given immediately; better still, any mistakes or misunderstandings are explained and fixed correctly in your brain before moving on. Online support and encouragement, a resource centre and student forum move you inexorably towards your success. In my view, this course is the most cost effective and easily accessible source of information available for obtaining the VTCT qualification and I would highly recommend it as a foundation course for any alternative or beauty therapist. – Susan, Nottinghamshire

Having been away from the studying environment for some years I thought that it would take me a while to get into the swing of things. I found the tutorial very easy to understand and it’s good to have your understanding tested at various stages. I like the fact that the course is segmented into manageable chunks and has colourful illustrations. The tutor support is excellent with quick responses to questions. – Lowri, Anglesey

I am really enjoying the course. It is important for me to be able to fit in study around a busy family life. The tutorials are easy to follow and allow you to work at your own pace. The questions at the end of each section give you an idea of the type of questions that could be asked in the Self Assessments. These are a fantastic way of confirming your understanding of the topic, especially as you can take them as many times as you like until you are completely confident that you are ready to take the Essential Knowledge Assessments. All the above is in the comfort of your own home without a college lecturer breathing down your neck! Contact with e-tutors is fantastic any queries are answered quickly. – Helen, Hampshire

The course is very thorough, and the tutors are very helpful and quick to respond. I was originally going to be studying this course at college but due to unfortunate circumstances it was cancelled, so this course was a shining light! I was able to start straight away and hopefully I’ll be on track to go back to college in September with my diploma to start the practical side of anatomy and physiology! – Emily, Staffordshire

The tutorials are easy to understand and the diagrams are a particularly useful visual aid, particularly when it comes to revision. The tutorials reveal how the body works, which makes the topic interesting and show just how complex the body is. I like the fact that additional topics are included that are not examined but that facilitate a better understanding of other systems. There is also great support from the e-tutors, which is appreciated. –Jayne, Walsall

I never realized just how much I would enjoy getting back to studying as I have done on this course. My preference was being able to work at my own pace coupled with the enjoyment aspect of learning of A&P. Highly essential for me as I’m also involved with completing additional Bowen training. The self assessment modules have also been of enormous help to encourage and prepare one to dig deeper and get better results. My tutor Sharon has been there for me every step of the way ensuring I understand what is asked of me. Once I begin a study session I find I want to continue which indicates personal motivation and a sense of enjoying what I’m learning. Being able to post messages on the student forum is another excellent way to maintain contact with Sharon and other students who may have interesting book suggestions or other questions which are answered informatively and promptly. The fact that it’s online and I can study whenever I wish works for me. It’s also been inspiring to see how many other student have signed up on the A&P side since I began a few months ago. I can, and have already, highly recommend this course. –Ingrid, Middlesex

What a brilliant course! I am so pleased that I enrolled. Sharon my tutor is great, she is very encouraging and helpful. I am able to study at my own pace (which is usually in between housework and children!). The course is of a very high standard ensuring that everything I learn is completely understood during the assessments before I do the final evidence test, which contributes towards the final diploma exam. I never thought I would enjoy studying so much! Everything about this course is excellent. – Sarah, Buckinghamshire

I am really enjoying the course, even after a long day at work I feel I want to study, it is never a chore. The interactive learning environment means I am able to get to grips with the course content quickly and the reinforcement questions test your knowledge and understanding as you go along which keeps you alert. My tutor makes regular contact and gives me lots of encouragement which is really motivating. You are assessed throughout the course which counts towards your final mark. The self assessments tests are excellent preparation for this and you can see how you are progressing. The online community is also very supportive and there are discussion forums where you can share information and ideas – you feel like you are part of a class, except everyone is able to work at their own pace. – Layla, Oxford

My long and irregular work hours make attending college difficult so I was delighted to find that Essential Training Solutions are offering the VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology through an online distance learning course. I am able to study at my own pace at times that suit me and the course itself is of an excellent standard making learning a pleasure. Besides the online tutorial the course also includes a range of challenging self assessments which have helped me to chart my progress and to judge when to take the essential knowledge evidence tests which count towards the diploma. The ETS staff maintain regular contact and have been very supportive and there is also a student forum to exchange messages with other people doing the course. The course leads to a nationally recognised qualification and so is far more worthwhile than some of the homespun certificates being touted on the internet – it isn’t something you can do in a few days but then it wouldn’t be worth doing if it was! I have been doing the course for about a month now and have been getting great results in my assessments, I am really enjoying the online tutorial and I actually look forward to studying at weekends. I would recommend this method of learning to anyone who needs to fit attaining their qualification around a busy life or who perhaps just doesn’t like sitting around in classrooms. – Andrew, Derbyshire

I can’t speak highly enough of this course. The tutors are great and always there to help and give fast replies by Email or Telephone. The layout of the course is great and the study material they supply on the Web Site and on Disk makes the course so much more enjoyable and easier to understand. You have your own private web page where you can access all the course material, view your grades and speak to others on the course in the forum. It’s easy to use and fun to learn 10/10 from me. – Jamie, Hertfordshire

The support that I have received from Essential Training Solutions is second to none, everyone I have spoken to there has been helpful, friendly and above all cheerful. The solution is easy to use, the modules very clear and the fact that this can be done either on or offline is fantastic. You can work at your own pace and choose the hours that suit you, making it much more flexible than studying at a traditional college. Contact is frequent and if you are unsure about any aspect of the module you are studying you can either contact your tutor or post a question on the student message board, responses are fast and clear. There are self assessment modules which enable you to gauge your progress, seeing a great score really gives you a sense of achievement. Credit to Essential Training Solutions and especially my tutor Sharon, the course has been enjoyable and the service provided excellent. – Samantha, Hampshire


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