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Have you ever felt frustrated because you could not help a patient or yourself?
You do not have to try to find the answer through years of trial-and-error with various techniques… now, you can ask Lone and benefit from her 40-plus years of experience in Facial Reflex Therapy.

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Sign up for her Membership and ask Lone your questions during LIVE Webinars!

If you cannot attend live, you can send your questions in advance and then listen to the webinar’s recording in the exclusive membership area when you have time!

Signing up for Lone’s membership not only allows you to ask Lone questions that she answers during monthly webinars but also includes the following amazing advantages:

  • Enjoy Low-Cost Learning: Eliminate travel and hotel costs
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  • Green communications tool: by reducing travel for both you and Lone, webinars are an environmentally friendly option.
  • Webinar access from your office or home at your own convenience
  • Easy to use the system
  • Access to recorded webinars online from a current year without incurring extra charges
  • Access from any continent
  • The feeling that Lone is in your living room
  • Participating in Lone’s reflexology community
  • Responses to questions posed by other attendees

Lone created her membership site due to high demand, as she is no longer able to answer everyone’s questions by email. Now, the only way to get your questions answered is through membership…

  • I find the membership the most valuable reflexology tool I’ve ever signed up for because there are questions that Only Lone can answer, and I always learn new things during the webinars! Thanks, Lone!–Daniela, Madrid

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