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The original Lone Sorensen method

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My School trained more than 18.000 Thousand professionals in the Original method of Neuro Reflexology Therapy.
Facial Reflexology Therapy® is a beautiful technique I have used for more than 40 years to get my clients excellent results.
Completing the Diploma in Facial Reflexology Therapy will qualify you to work as a highly trained professional practitioner worldwide.
It will also ensure you can set up and run your practice successfully.

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The Essence of Facial Reflexology Therapy

About author

Lone Sorensen pioneered Facial Reflexology therapy, a methodology for physical and mental health and wellness combining therapies from Tibetan medicine, Oriental medicine, and primitive techniques from aborigines tribes. The therapeutic methods also include Temprana neuro-reflex therapy, which is a rehabilitation method of parents’ home training method for children with brain damage, syndromes, and mental and learning problems.

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By the Power of Light: Excerpts from my travels

About author
Lone shares her most intimate self while taking you through her life’s unimaginable situations and circumstances. Although painfully heartbreaking in some chapters, this is ultimately a story of unconditional love, surreal strength, unwavering vision, and tireless dedication to one’s purpose.

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Earn your reflexology certification online.

Learn reflexology and create health protocols for your clients, family, and yourself.

The methods Lone Sorensen uses are based on different systems with scientific research behind them; Dr. Yamamoto (YNSA), Japan, and Dr. Castillo Morales, Argentina. Dr. Wong, USA. Dr. Chau, Vietnam. Maria Perez, Argentina, Dr. J. Bossy, France.

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The Courses Reflexology sorensensistemTM is approved and Co-sponsored by Lone Sorensen, P00124, as a continuing education provider by the American Reflexology Certification Board. Recognized for Co-sponsored by the North Carolina Reflexology Association and the Center for Healing Arts, NCBTMB. EEUU Approved by DDZ, Denmark. Approved by AoR, United Kingdom Approved by Federation for Holistic Therapists. (FHT)UK approved by the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute (IRI). Approved by the Reflexology Association of Australis, The Reflexology Association of Netherland and Belgium

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is one of the most effective ways to obtain fast results for your client’s health.

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International Reflexology School Lone Sorensen

Teacher, therapist, author, and public speaker. Award winner for her therapeutic

Received a diploma of honor from Dr. Chau in 2019

“A revealing chapter from the author’s latest book written in 2019”


Quotation-MarkIn my twenty years as a reflexologist and the owner of the Danish School of Zone Therapy in Copenhagen, I have never met an able therapist and teacher as enthusiastic as Lone Sorensen. With Facial Reflexology Therapy, her book, and her courses, she has created a new world of therapists and a fantastic tool as a gift for humanity. She has also helped many children and adults with different handicaps with Facial Reflexology worldwide. The book is an insight into the ancient Indian treatment technique coordinated with oriental medicine, which gives us deeper insight into the healing process inside the human body.

Prof. Zandra Willumsen

Den Danske Zoneterapeut Skole Aps

I have taken many of Lone’s additional distance courses over the last two years, and learning from home is possible! I can play the videos repeatedly, get my questions answered, and attend Ask Lone webinars for more insight on many topics. I still have a few more classes on my wish list to take.
Thank you, Lone.

Pam Marshall-Neil, USA

Certified in Nutritional Balancing science, Foot and face Reflexology Sorensensistem

Thanks very much! I am very excited to have learned this technique and am so happy to use it even more! This is an excellent and robust method, and I am very happy to use it to help others. I also hope to do Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting courses sometime soon.

Charlotte Lehigh

Face Reflexology

Treat any health concern you or your customers have by stimulating the facial meridian points.

Foot Reflexology

Help yourself, family and clients applying the ancient wisdom and modernized techniques of foot reflexology.

Hand Reflexology

Helping people with your hands through their hands is what you can do with Hand Reflex Therapy.