Please read through our FAQ´s below before sending a message. If you can´t find an answer please use the form below to get in touch with our customer support team. Please write your messages in English. Thank you

Dear Students: The Support Team have a new email address!!

[email protected]

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance!


I haven´t received my login details yet.

Have you checked your spam folder? Please look in the Spam folder and mark the email as ´no junk´ so that future emails land in your inbox. 

I can´t log in. My login details aren´t working.

Try clearing your cache. To do this you simply need to delete the search history in your browser. Then try logging in again, it´s going to work this time. If it doesn´t please reset your password using the ´forgot your password´ link under the login form. If it still doesn´t work, please contact support and we´ll reset your password manually.

I can´t find the course(s) I signed up for.

You might have used a different email address for a previous purchase and now you have 2 accounts with us. Please check the confirmation email of your last purchase to see the login details.

You might also have ordered the course on one of Lone´s other websites. In this case, you need to get in touch with [email protected].

The courses you have purchased on this website appear under the ´My courses´ tab and at the top of the page under the main menu. If you can´t see it there then please contact us and we’ll figure out what´s happening.

I suddenly stopped receiving ASK Lone webinar notifications and can´t access the recordings anymore.

With every course, you sign up for you get Free access to the ASK Lone membership for a certain amount of time. Please check on the signup page of each course how long the free membership lasts. After that, the access is denied and you will have to sign up for the paid membership. If you feel this is not the case or you´re paying for the membership please get in touch. 

How do I stop my paid ASK Lone membership?

To cancel your ASK Lone subscription please click here and use the designated form to do so. Thank you

I received an email from Lone saying that I passed the test and will receive access to the next module, but I can´ see it in the membership area.

Lone personally checks the tests and sends an email to the students and the support team to let everybody know. The support team will give access manually, therefore it might take a few hours or a day after you received Lone´ email until you see the new module in your membership account. We appreciate your patience.