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Online Courses

This type of online education offers speech and practical teaching directly by Lone Sorensen. This offer is as good as attending a regular classroom.

Digital products, downloadable pdf´s and accessible from any device (Computer, tablet, smartphone). Study on the go, whenever it suits you. No more being bound to the desk. This is the internet era: An easy and fast way to study anything online! Most of these courses are only available in English (EN), some in Danish (DK), some in Spanish(ES). Please check in each course for more information.

Facial Reflex Therapy Module 1-5 (EN)

Facial Reflex Therapy Mod5 (EN)

Weight Management Self Treatment (EN)

Tibetan Reflex Therapy (EN)

Tweaklite + Color Light Course (EN, DK, ES)

Children´s Special Needs Course (EN)

Auto Tratamiento para un peso saludable (ES)

Vagus Nerve Reflex Stimulation EN

Color Light Therapy Course (EN, DK, ES)

Protocol: Treat Diabetes (EN)

Thermie Roll Therapy (EN)

Protocol: Treat Alzheimer, Dementia (EN)

Neuro Foot Praxis Vertebralis (EN)

Vagus Nerve Reflex Stimulation DK

Distance Courses

This type of distance education offers two different options:A- A pendrive with videos & paperback manuals shipped to your home.B- Instant access videos & downloadable manuals.You have to study with support videos for practical exercises and support from Lone Sorensen.

The videos are purely visual without audio explanations. You study watching the videos while reading the manual. Most of these courses are available in English, Danish and Spanish. Please check on each BOX for more information.

Facial Reflex Therapy Mod 1-5 (EN-DK-ES)

Ocular Therapy Course (EN-DK-ES)

Neuro Hand Reflex Therapy Course (EN-DK-ES)

Children´s Special Needs Course (EN-DK-ES)

Bullying Course (EN)

Japanese Lifiting Module 1-2 (EN-DK-ES)

Japanese Lifiting Module 2 (EN-DK-ES)

Lymphatic Drainage Course (EN-DK-ES)

Cosmo Facial Course (EN-DK-ES)

Japanese Lifting Pack (EN-DK-ES)

Tibetan Reflex Therapy (EN-DK-ES)

Hormonal & Infertility Course (EN-DK-ES)

Mother and Baby Course (EN-DK-ES)

Weight Management Course (EN-DK-ES)

TCM Foot Reflex Therapy Course (EN-DK-ES)

Teeth Reflex Therapy Course (EN-DK-ES)

DETOX and Pregnancy Course (EN-DK)

Thermie Roll Therapy (EN-DK)

Books & Ebooks

Food Facts ebook (EN)

By the Power of Light ebook

Facial Reflexology ebook (EN)

By the Power of Light-print edition


Choose between Lone´s English or Danish membership ´ASK Lone´ for monthly live webinars. Questions & answers all about face, foot and hand reflex therapy to increase your knowledge and improve your skills faster than finding the answer yourself.

ASK Lone English

ASK Lone Danish

ASK Lone Pack (EN)

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