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Learn about Neuroscience and Reflexology Free
is a well-known therapeutic modality in complementary therapy for illnesses of a physical and mental nature.

List of online courses

This type of online education offers speech and practical teaching directly by Lone Sorensen. This offer is as good as attending a regular classroom.

Digital products, downloadable pdf´s and accessible from any device (Computer, tablet, smartphone). Study on the go, whenever it suits you. No more being bound to the desk. This is the internet era: An easy and fast way to study anything online! Most of these courses are only available in English (EN), some in Danish (DK), some in Spanish(ES). Please check in each course for more information.

Introduction to Facial Reflexology

The Full education Facial Reflex Therapy

Course by Lone Sorensen consists of 5 modules total of 118 hours of education. The Facial Reflex Therapy Course webinar consists of 5 easy to follow Modules. Facial Reflex Therapy is based on seven steps that involve the observation and stimulation of various facial areas.

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HANDS-ON training Worldwide

Only for students of Facial Reflexology 5 level education

The Original Method Lone Sorensen

2 days of HANDS-ON training Worldwide

Find your Hands-on

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FREE HANDS-ON training with Lone in Barcelona

Only for students of Facial Reflexology 5 level education

The Original Method Lone Sorensen

2 days of HANDS-ON training with Lone Sorensen in Barcelona

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Introduction to Facial Reflexology 12 CE Hours
My proposals represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give you the possibility to improve your knowledge…!

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Introdultionskursus i Ansigtszone-og Refleksterapi
Introduktion i Ansigtszone- og Refleksterapi vil give dig nogle overordnede strategier for, hvordan du kan arbejde med denne metode…



フェイシャル リフレクソロジーの創始者ロネ・ソレンセンから直接学べる12時間コース



Choose between Lone´s English or Danish membership ´ASK Lone´ for monthly live webinars. Questions & answers all about-face, foot and hand reflex therapy to increase your knowledge and improve your skills faster than finding the answer yourself.

ASK Lone English

ASK Lone Danish

ASK Lone Pack (EN)


Japanese Lifting Module 1 ONLINE (in English)
The benefits of Japanese Cosmo Lifting are many and all without surgery

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Crystal Spoon Stone And Ball Lifting ONLINE
Excellent NEW CRYSTAL THERAPY to add into CosmoLifting and CosmoFace

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Trauma treatment, Bipolar Method ONLINE
Learn to help your clients to find inner peace, relieve stress and work on old trauma with Facial Reflexology

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Neuro Foot Reflex Therapy Praxis Vertebralis
Neuro foot Reflex Therapy Praxis vertebralis is a method developed by Lone Sorensen.

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Depression with Tibetan Method (in English)
Tibetan Medicine analyzes depression in 6 states. These 6 conditions are treated differently.

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Depression med Tibetansk Metode. (DANSK)
Den Tibetanske Medicins viden om Central Nerve Systemets forbindelser med den Orientalske



Neuro Magnetic Pen Course 
Analysis and treatments with the Neuro Magnetic Pen for the face, hand and foot Neuro Reflexology.

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Color Light Therapy Course
The cells in our body pick up signals from whatever happens outside our body, meaning that when you find yourself in a pleasant and relaxing .(Tweaklite is not included)



Protocol: Treat Alzheimer, Dementia
An effective and innovative concept that teaches you how to treat problems in elderly people by the Facial Reflex Therapist Number 1 specialized in PARKINSON, ALZHEIMER and DEMENTIA

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Protocol: Treat Diabetes
Learn this effective and innovative concept that teaches you how to treat Diabetes symptoms successfully by the Facial Reflex Therapist.

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Hand Reflex for Elderly & Children
This advanced course for Reflexology practitioners was created by Lone Sorensen and is based on her method Temprana Reflex Therapy.

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Method for addictions
The course describes what happens in the brain and how this information helps deal with and overcome addiction.

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Vagus Nerve Reflex Stimulation
This course offers a theory as well as various Reflex therapy protocols so that by stimulating reflex zones and points from the face and feet, it can normalize functions of the Vagus nerve.

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Treatment protocols for Fibromyalgia
This course offers theory as well as various Reflex therapy protocols so that by stimulating reflex zones and points from the face and feet, it can normalize functions of the CNS.

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Rheumatic Illnesses
The method provides intensive home workout program for adults with the acquired Common Rheumatic Disorders also helps alleviate common physical and mental disorders.

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Weight Control

Weight Control Self Treatment
We´re giving you the opportunity to follow one of our Reflex Therapy PDF Protocols  AND Video – the one that best suits your individual needs.

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Children´s Special Needs
This course is an additional course for children with special needs. It is designed to incorporate Facial – Foot and Hand Reflex therapy methods.

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Tibetan reflex therapy 3 modules
Tibetan Neck and Scalp Reflexology is a manual technique combined with different methodologies from Tibet and newer methodologies from Japan, Vietnam.

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Cause and Effect thumbnail

Cause & Effect Course
The ultimate Lone Sorensen’s course to help you understand about cause and effect in our body, mind and spirit!

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muscles skeleton thumbnail

Muscles & Skeleton Course
This method was created to help you understand and deepen into muscles and skeleton related to the Central Nerve System.

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The Brain Thumbnail

The Brain Course
This course helps you to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of the brain that are essential to the well-being of everyday life.

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Visual Analysis thumbnail

Visual Analysis Course
The ultimate Lone Sorensen’s course teaches you how to analyse face signs such as wrinkles, lines, and other facial signs and the connection..

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Cancer Care Thumbnail

Cancer Care Course
This method integrates the best of the complementary methods with the treatments receiving from medical care may help…

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Training Week 2020
The International Institute offers advanced training by building strengths and engaging students who are already trained in Facial Reflexology.

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7 senses dk

The body’s 7 senses (in English)
The senses enable us to communicate with the outside world and survive.

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7 senses dk

Kroppens 7 sanser (på dansk)
Sanserne gør os i stand til at kommunikere med omverdenen og overleve.


ciber DK

Cyberterapi-zoneterapi-metode Lone Sorensen
På dette kursus lærer du at guide klienter ONLINE LIVE og / eller i dit behandlingsrum for at hjælpe.

Tilmeld Dansk

ciber uk

Cybertherapy Facial Reflexology
This training will help you boost the results in your daily practice and will make your customers happier!

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Summer online school thumbnail

Summer Online International Reflexology School
Lone Sorensen created the contents as an invitation to learn more deeply about topics that are challenges

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sommerschool thumbnail

Sommerprogram for Ansigtszone- og Refleksterapeuter
Det Internationale Institut tilbyder avanceret træning.

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Natural Hormonal Therapy Online
This method combines Foot- and Facial Reflex Therapy stimulating very specific reflex areas…

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Neuro Hand Reflex Therapy Online Course
If so, learn Lone Sorensen’s Neuro Hand Reflex Therapy method and how to get amazing results.

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Neuroscience and Neuro-Reflexology Course
The course Master the Mind with Neuro Reflexology of Face and Hands will provide you with some overall…

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Neuroscience og Neurozone- og Refleksterapi
Kurset vil give dig en samlet strategi for hvordan man arbejder med denne metode i praksis.

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Tinnitus with Facial Reflexology
Studying with Lone Sorensen you can learn about all 40 causes and how they can each be treated.

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NeuroPoint Magnetic Pen
Bio-Magnetic Therapy has been used in China, for at least 2000 years back in time.

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Physiological and emotional hunger
This concept combines meridian theory and the central nervous system into an application of high.

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Thermie for Hair and Ears
The method is suitable for combination with Facial Reflexology therapy, head/skull massage…

More Information English


Thermie til hår og øre
Metoden er velegnet i kombination med Ansigtszone- og Refleksterapi, hoved/kraniemassage…

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Distance Courses

The videos are purely visual without audio explanations. You study by watching the videos while reading the manual. Most of these courses are available in English, Danish and Spanish. Please check on each BOX for more information.

Foot Reflex therapy 1

TCM Foot Reflex Therapy Course
This concept combines meridian theory and the central nervous system into an application of high.

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Lymphatic drainage face massage with wooden massager

Manual Lymphatic Face Drainage
You will also study the theory of the lymphatic- and the immune system to be able to help your clients.

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Mother & Baby Reflex Therapy
Learn Lone´s effective and natural method of Facial Reflex therapy for newborn and premature babies

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lifting 2

Cosmo Facial Reflex Therapy
The application of Facial Reflexology with aesthetic aims is a good example of the use of complementary therapy for Aesthetics.

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The Ocular Therapy
If so, learn Lone Sorensen’s Ocular Therapy method and how to get amazing results for clients with eyesight related issues.

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Teeth Reflex Therapy Course
The course offers an amazing method that is very easy to learn and achieves amazing results.

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Detox And Pregnancy Distance Course
Learn how to treat women before, during and after pregnancy and to actually enjoy their gestation!

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Weight Management Distance Course
New Treatment Method for Weight Loss With Amazing Results: Detoxify Your Body And Control Your Weight!

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Bullying Distance Course
Special Emotional and Anti-Bullying Program for children and Teenagers from 5 to 18 years old.

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BANNER thermie roll

Thermie Roll Therapy Distance Course
Learn how to treat sagging skin, pain, cellulite and stretch marks in a natural way

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Books & Ebooks

Food Facts ebook (EN)

By the Power of Light ebook

Facial Reflexology ebook (EN)

By the Power of Light-print edition

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