About Lone Sorensen

Your Teacher, Lone Sorensen, Denmark
Award winner – Women’s Education Expert – International Speaker and Trainer – Author Lone Sorensen is a therapist educated in acupuncture, reflexology, kinesiology, aroma therapy, and laser therapy. She is the Danish woman behind the world’s largest school of Facial Reflexology and Neuro Reflex therapy.

She pioneers a method called Neuro-Reflex Therapy, a methodology for physical and mental health and wellness combining therapies from oriental medicine and primitive techniques of aborigines. The therapeutic methods also include Temprana therapy, which is a rehabilitation method of parents’ home training method for children with brain damage, syndromes, and mental and learning problems.
She dedicated 10 years of her professional experience to Denmark and 13 years to Argentina and has been based in Spain since 2001.

Lone Sorensen started her first school in Copenhagen, Denmark, and opened 3 schools in Argentina after that. Her methods and concepts were approved in 2000 by the centre “Kurhuset” for patients with brain damage in Denmark.
In 2021, Lone was selected by O.M.H.S (Humanity World Organization Pro-Health in Argentina), receiving three Nobiliary titles for her work in Argentina.
Lone has led many projects in the Argentinian Amazon, Guatemala, the Desert in Oman, and Denmark.

At present, Lone Sorensen is the owner of the International School of Reflex therapy and teaches with 35 instructors and 30 hands-on trainers her patented concept of Reflex therapy in 26 countries around the world.

Since 2014, she has organized training programs and courses ONLINE for both professionals and parents, with the following main topics:

  • Access to holistic health care educational programs educating on financial, social, and health resources for women.
  • Short education programs that help women embark on opportunities that could benefit them and their families, improving health and income.
  • Designed manual and natural Home Training models for parents, including programs for children with difficulties learning, behavioural issues, emotional problems, Autism, ADHD, Hyperactivity, Dyslexia, and OCD.
  • Senior Health Care Solution aims to train families to provide a natural method for elderly care.


Lone has led many projects, among others, in the Amazon jungle in Argentina, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and the Desert of Oman and Denmark.

More than thousands of children have benefited from the Rehabilitation Reflex Therapy Parents Home training program since 1988.

She has fought a tireless battle, travelling and teaching around the World to give hopeless parents and people with health problems new tools to develop.


In 2001 Lone stabilized her Institute and administration in Barcelona, Spain and began the organization of her International School of Reflex Therapy Lone Sorensen, offering education on her therapeutic methods, with a staff of 45 Instructors in 21 countries, on 5 continents.

It is the first time in history that Reflexology methods are offered in an International leave from one Central School.


Due to experience, the therapeutic methods Lone has created show not only to help sick people, but the clients also become better looking with the amazing treatments. The daughter inspired Lone to open a new Cosmetic department for Beauty treatments in 2001, based on some of the same natural therapies. Especially methods from Japan are the background for Cosmetic methods.

Line Johnsen is now behind the management of the cosmetic department, where she also handles the development and production of unique natural raw materials. Lone finds travelling around the World in the rainforest and desert.


About Line Johnsen

Is the woman behind the administration of the Cosmetic department of The International Reflexology School Lone Sorensen – treatments such as the Japanese Cosmo Lifting, Cosmo Facial, CosmoBody and Weight Management. Very practical and natural methods for Cosmetic, Spa and Relaxation treatments are blissful for the body, mind and spirit.

reflexology for better skin


Line Johnsen also handles the development, production and quality control of unique natural raw materials. Lone finds travelling around the World in the rainforest and desert.

The International Institute Lone Sorensen offers 47 natural Health and Skin care products, all based on recipes from local Aboriginals in South America and Arabic countries.


Line Johnsen has grown up in a therapy world and has been inspired since she was young. She has seen the fantastic Reflex Therapy method being developed, being performed and becoming a reality in the world. Her aim is that these unique methods and 100 % natural products become even more known.


About Christian Johnsen

Christian developed the therapy for Pets based on the method of Reflex Therapy Lone Sorensen.

As a young boy, he became interested in learning the method of Reflex Therapy from his mother. At 10 years old, he did his first course, but as he didn’t have anyone to practice on, he got the idea to practice on the dog and cat of the family.

Since then, Christian did many experiences treating dogs and cats and also later Reflex Therapy treatment of horses.

Pets Reflex Therapy became his very most loved interest.

Christian teaches Pets Reflex Therapy together with Lone Sorensen. Christian and Lone also wrote a book about Pets therapy in Japan.

reflexology for dogs


Christian is behind the management of the Pets online apartment of courses. He also handles the design and development of new teaching material, photography and film production.


Christian has grown up in a world of therapy and has been inspired since he was young. He has seen the fantastic Reflex Therapy method being developed, being performed and becoming a reality in the world. His aim is that these methods become even more known for Pets and humans.