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Why become an Affiliate with us?

We offer you an opportunity to become an affiliate with Sorensensistem TM and like to tell you some good reasons, why you should consider to grab it:

1. We are offering a fantastic product – it is just not the perfect product to put on display in a shop. That is why we are looking for persons with relationships to natural Health. The best way to promote the Sorensensistem TM courses is through personal recommendation. If you have experienced Lone´s courses and if you are satisfied with our service, you will happily tell your friends and family about these fantastic courses. This is the very best way!

2. You have found us here on the internet and will be able to show other people the way to our website. It’s a real jungle out there and one can easily get lost… Sure your friends are happy if you can guide them…

The internet is full of dusky places and nebulous offers. We have tryed to create a well lit space for the ones who are so inclined. Of course not everybody will want to visit here, but the ones who do will gladly follow you here.

3. We believe that an affiliate program such as ours is creating win/win situations for all involved.

We have decided to give you a share for your efforts telling other people about us. Our program creates equal opportunities for everyone. It is not a pyramid scheme and it’s not a get rich quick method either. It is a solid opportunity to earn income and you alone determine how much time and dedication you want to invest into building your income.

4. You will never get spammed, spueezed or bothered – but we will do all our best to support you in your efforts and growth by availing the best tools, practical knowledge and personal assistance. Sign up for free and try it without obligation – You can resign anytime.

5. We are real…and solid

We don’t offer you fantasy commissions and we don’t lure you with promises of an exorbitant income. But we will also not create hype just to kick you out again on the next occasion. We are interested in building lasting and satisfying relations with our customers as well as with our affiliates. If you are made from the same stuff, please join in – we would appreciate to work with you!

Just read the description and the Affiliate Agreement and complete the online application.

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