Participation is Easy and Free.

Just read the following description and our Affiliate Agreement and complete the online application at the bottom of this page.

You do not need to order from Sorensensistem yourself to become an affiliate, but it helps to own and know a product to credibly recommend it to someone else…

The following is our Premium compensation plan for affiliates promoting products for Sorensensistem TM.

Pricing, Rates and Products are subject to change.

Affiliates promote Sorensensistem TM Courses for PROFIT! Sorensensistem TM supplies a line of Facial Reflex Therapy Courses.

Product Sales Earn 70%! in tier 1 (i.e. products bought by customers referred by YOU – Affiliate) and additional 3% in tier 2! (i.e. products bought by customers referred by somebody who was introduced/referred by YOU – Affiliate and registered him/herself as affiliate).

Affiliate Compensation Policy

This compensation policy builds an integral part of our Affiliate Agreement.

1. You will be paid a referral fee on Qualified Products Sales (not including taxes, shipping) derived from customers referred directly by you or by one of your referred affiliates (tier 2) via the affiliate links provided by Sorensensistem TM.

2. Sorensensistem will pay a 70% referral fee (tier 1) on all qualified Product Sales from direct referrals plus a 3% commission (tier 2) on qualified sales from referrals by any affiliate who was referred by an affiliate and subsequently signed him/herself up for the program. Your cookies will last forever.

3. All payments will be made on a monthly basis, usually on the first of every month, if the balance in your account is minimum $100.–. Payments will be issued each month for sales of the previous month. Payments will be made through PayPal only for the amount due; if the balance in your account is less than $100.– at the date of payment, it will be carried forward to the following month. Commissions owed to you – even if less than the minimum payout amount – do never expire and will be settled in case of termination of the account less adjustments for allowances and returns occurring during the relevant time period prior to termination.

4. Payments will be earned throughout the term of this agreement. We reserve the right to adjust commission rates at any time, but such changes will not affect commissions earned from sales made prior to the date of adjustment.

5. Your referral fee payment will be offset by any returns and cancellations of orders from the prior period.

6. No compensation will be paid to you for product sales made after the date on which this agreement is terminated by either party for any reason. Upon termination of the relationship by either party, the affiliate will be required to remove all affiliate links from their website, newsletters, email correspondence or other locations.

How to Become an Affiliate of Sorensensistem TM?

1. Study this website and read this page to understand the scope of products, our compensation policy and services being offered.
2. Review our Affiliate Agreement and Terms of Service.
3. Sign up and complete the registration with your information (e.g. by following the link at the end of this page). For participation you will need an account with PayPal. If you don’t have an account with PayPal, you must open one before signing up as an affiliate with this programme. It is important because otherwise we won’t be able to pay you.
4. You do not need to have an own active website in order to participate. Applications are approved instantly, so there is no waiting for you to start promoting and earning.
5. Once your application is completed, you will be sent an eMail containing your affiliate link and you will have access to your affiliate account containing various snippets and banners for your use.

Read the Affiliate Agreement

By signing up as an affiliate with Sorensensistem TM you agree to accept our Affiliate Agreement and to be bound by all its terms and rules. We will reserve the right to block or close any account of an affiliate who is found to be in violation of these terms. Please read the entire affiliate agreement carefully prior to signing up!