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ARO approved“Let this international expert with over 36 years’ experience teach you the fantastic 7 step method that can be used to improve wellbeing!”


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Facial Reflex Therapy is a wonderful addition to reflexology and can improve your practice immensely!




Nice, isn’t?

So my question to you is…

Would you like skills to help support wellbeing?

And would you like to offer your clients a fantastic treatment?



  • Hello Lone

    Just had to tell you that I have been working with my son. Last week I was able to do steps 1-6 – all. I do find that once I start the session that he calms down.


    He is much calmer, his face becomes more balanced, his color improves, his legs are a lot less spastic, his feet are more relaxed and not turned in from the CP, seems more content, seems more accepting of new people working with him, seems a lot happier, tension is gone from his body, he seems to be more alert, more understanding and is asking to where his shoes!!!!! WOW

    Thanks for Facial Reflexolgy–Student from Canada


There are many reflexology practitioners, reflexology courses and other treatment methods out there. But how to know which one is the right one for you to follow to be able to help support your friends and family in need?!

Meet the developer of The Facial Reflex Therapy system Lone Sorensen who’s going to give you a wonderful course in facial reflexology – an approach to improving wellbeing.

Loneweb sizeLone has developed this therapy with more than 30 years of personal research and practical implementation throughout her entire international organization and Lone is obtaining effective results in supporting clients with many illnesses.

Lone is educated therapist in reflexology, acupuncture, kinesiology and Neurology since 1978 in Copenhagen, Denmark and also studied CranioSacral therapy in Germany in 1983 and serves as therapist since then.

She is the kind of ‘saint’ who travels 340 days a year to teach people on all continents the techniques to maintain the health and balance of the whole body.

At the present time Lone Sorensen is owner of the International schools of Reflex therapy and teaches with 65 instructores her patented concept of Reflex therapy in schools in Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, England, Poland, Chezh republic, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia, Portugal, Holland, Adu Dhabi, Oman, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina and Mexico.

There are simply not enough days in the year for her to continue traveling and teaching people like you and me face to face (plus honestly it´s too much traveling 45 times a year)

It’s not boastful to say that you can help anybody to feel better if you’ve never had a person you could not NOT help improve!

That’s right! Lone has always helped persons improving their live and thousands of clients can confirm that. She has been interviewed in several TV shows and has received three Nobilitary titles from the O.M.H.S. (Humanitary World Organization Pro-Health in Argentina) in March 2001 for her works with reflex therapy in Argentina.

Lone’s mission for the past 36 years has been traveling around the world to teach how to work with Facial Reflex Therapy for which people have travelled to other countries, spend thousands of dollars on flights, accomodation, printed course material and other expenses. But now you have the chance to learn her method online so that you can save money, help yourself and others and make the world a better place using a method that works and has absolutely no side effects!

This is for you if you are…

a (Foot) Reflexologist and want to add this fantastic 7 Step Method to your profession as …

– a Health Professional

– a nurse

– a physician

– a therapist

Thousands of therapists worldwide are already using and recommending this 7 step method within their own professions

The Facial Reflex Therapy Course consists of 5 easy to follow Modules

What is Facial Reflex Therapy?

Facial Reflex therapy can be defined as a reflex technique based on the neuro bio-chemical action resulting from the stimulation of an area or point on the face which has a general or partial effect on various areas of the entire body. Facial Reflex therapy is based on seven steps that involve the observation and stimulation of various facial areas.

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Course Structure

52,5 hours total intensive teaching – Modules 1-5. Each module contains tests. You will submit the tests via our online form on each module’s page. Once approved you get access to the next module. In case you want to work professionally using Facial Reflex Therapy one case study, experiencing a minimum of 10 treatments is also required, in addition to passing your written exam in order to receive your Diploma. (British students please read the notification at the bottom of this page)



  • 7 basic steps of facial Reflexology
  • 21 points facial individual use of neurovascular
  • Aboriginal areas / analysis process
  • Nervous system areas
  • Coordination of treatment according to analysis of blocks in the face tissue
  • The nerve impulse transmission in reflexology
  • Protocol of treatment of cranial nerves
  • Practice
  • Tests




  • Meridianlogy
  • Teaching Oriental & Tibetan meridians philosophy with their ramifications and interrelations with areas / points on the face / skull / muscle / brain/ body system and hormone system
  • Plexus balancing
  • Manual cranial puncture
  • Practical work
  • Tests


  • I worked on a woman, 34 weeks pregnant with Sciatic nerve problems using Facial Reflex therapy. I did the zones on both sides of the nose and finished with some work on the feet using Neuro Foot Reflex therapy. She left with just a hint of the pain.–Anette, USA




  • Basic and applied neuroscience
  • The 564 neurological points on the face
  • Coordination of neurological points with basic treatment
  • Auto-stimulation with neurological points
  • Castillo muscle stimulation
  • Visual analyzing
  • How to do my exam case
  • Practical work
  • Tests




  • Yamamoto method
  • Link intestinal method
  • How to start my own clinic
  • Practical work
  • Tests


  • A few years ago Amy*(Name has been changed) suffered from ‘a brain injury that

    left her w/NO short term memory. We have been working together for 4 treatments using facial/foot reflex therapy & an inhaler of essential oils to be used throughout the day…WELL…she saw me & recognized my face!!! I sat beside her& she continued by saying don’t I know you from exercising (the answer is YES!!!) & don’t you work with my face???? (another YES!!!!) how cool was that! What a beautiful start to a busy day….Then, she added: “I love when you work on my face because I feel like Amy* again”…..tears, people, tears…chills, people, chills…I love what I do….”

    –Kemberly, USA




  • Treatment for acute pain
  • Building treatment plans
  • The treatment plan is an important tool and students will train to organize perfect plans for a number of symptoms / disorders
  • Focus on and review of the facial muscle anatomy
  • The facial muscle anatomy
  • New Yamamoto technique
  • Practical work
  • Tests

If you’re serious about learning new skills to help support clients, then you’re going to LOVE this program!

Lone Sorensen is the #1 in Facial Reflex Therapy in the World and is going to teach You improve wellbeing by applying Facial Reflexology.

What You Get!

  • 52,5 hours of teaching videos
  • All videos are downloadable so you can study offline, wherever you want and whenever you want
  • PDF’s with descriptive illustrations in full color with pictures and text explaining the methodology
  • Once you’re finished you get a Diploma* (British students please read the notification at the bottom of this page)
  • A once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from the best in the world!
  • After passing the exams you will receive a Diploma

reflexology certification online

  • I think the online course is amazing . Lone is such a kind and patient person . The ask Lone is such a help for us all and that it’s transcripted also . You have done a wonderful job I did not expect so my tools when I signed up . I do not see how you could improve it to be honest . I also would like to thank you for the replacement oil I just received. It arrived yesterday intact . These oils are wonderful too . I will probably do more classes once I finish this one and hope they are set up the same. Thank you all


What you can expect!

  • 52, 5 h intensive teaching and showing manual method
  • 10 hourse resolving tests (total for all 5 module)
  • students have to count with about 30-40 hours practical work (total all 5 moduls)
  • 20 hours exam case
  • A lot of fun and an amazing learning experience!

If you want to help people in need professionally then sign up now – you will earn a living doing what you love!

You will enjoy this course and love the fact that you can help people in the most powerful way with your own hands!

large-signupnowOnly $1999

Invest in your business and in health Now and receive your reflexology certification online!

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Money Back Guarantee: You have 30 days to request a refund and we will pay you money back, no questions ask!



You will also have 6 months FREE access to Lone´s membership ASK Lone where she answers questions in monthly webinars. All recordings to past webinars are also available for you. (worth more than $170)



Lone Sorensen’s ebook Facial Reflexology (3rd edition) of 279 pages, downloadable as a pdf (worth $20)



Lone’s Cosmo Facial Protocol: Collagen that you can start using immediately without having to finish the Facial Reflex Therapy Course and which will make your skin look younger, fresher and tighter as collagen is a natural anti ageing agent that you will stimulate when following this pdf (worth $60)



FREE 1 year Membership in Lone´s Global Reflexology Network (worth over $100/ 90euros) after you finished the 5 Modules. You will stay informed of what is new in every professional aspect!

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You simply cannot put a price on your families and client’s wellbeing and health. And if you had to it would probably be in the millions. This course plus the 3 amazing Bonuses maybe the answer you are seeking to all health worries. Press the SIGN UP NOW button below!!


Only $1999

Invest in your business and in health Now and receive your reflexology certification online!

Money Back Guarantee: You have 30 days to request a refund and we will pay you your money back, no questions ask!


The Courses of Facial Réflex therapy sorensensistem TM is approved and Co- sponsored by:


Lone Sorensen, P00124, is approved as a provider of continuing education by the American Reflexology

Certification Board.

Reconocido por y Co-sponsored by the North Carolina Reflexology Association and the Center for Healing


Approved by DDZ, Denmark

Approved by AoR, United Kingdom

Approved by Federation for Holistic Therapists (FHT)Uk

Approved by Irish Reflexologists’ Institute (IRI)

Approved in USA by:

Co-sponsored by the North Carolina Reflexology Association and The Center for Healing Arts.

Lone Sorensen, P00124, is approved as a provider of continuing education of Facial Reflexology

by the American Reflexology Certification Board.

Important information for British students

To meet the English rules for reflexologists and insurance issues

in England, British students need to complete a “face to face” training day of 7 hours, with a local instructor.

Students will receive a certifícate for the training day.

To obtain the Final Diploma students must complete the training day.

Students agree with the local instructor about day and time.

Price for Training day 150€