Facial Reflexology Ebook

By Lone Sorensen

The success and effectiveness of 'Facial Reflexology' lie in its ability to identify the root cause of imbalances in health and its ability to stimulate a healing process within the individual. Devised by Lone Sorensen Lopez, this book has been designed to heal the individual on both the levels; physical and psychological.

As the treatment is performed on the face, there is increased blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and nerve stimulation that leads to improvement of health in all aspects along with glowing complexion. The content of this book is based on the author's clinical experience gained over the last decade. The text is enriched with clear diagrams.

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Lone Sorensen

"Lone Sorensen is the woman behind the world’s biggest school of Reflexology. She teaches methods similar to Reflexology called Neuro-Reflex Therapy. Techniques developed by herself and inspired of ancient techniques from different cultures. Always with the aim to offer very effective and natural methods to help Health – and Rehabilitation issuers.
The truly dedicated Dane has been working since 1978, to build up her concept and was selected by O.M.H.S in Argentina with 3 honor titles for her work with disabled children.
Lone Sorensen is also the author of the book Facial Reflexology."


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