For Tweaklite

Say good bye to

pain, insomnia,


and depression!

Do you ever suffer from...

  • Injuries ?
  • Insomnia ?
  • Hot flushes ?
  • Pain?

Or maybe your immune system is weak and you often...

  • get the flue ?
  • get infections ?
  • feel tired ?

Or do you sometimes feel....

  • stressed ?
  • nervous ?
  • depressed ?

Unbeatable benefits for everyone


Tweaklite treats the complaint straight away!
It allows you to perform treatments whenever and wherever it suits you!

With the Tweaklite you’ll always have your home pharmacy with you.
The Tweaklite is an affordable, therapeutic instrument which is also perfect for home care in your handbag.




Learn How To Use The Tweaklite With Color Light Therapy

An ancient, natural and safe method, wrapped in a modern and handy package.

About the Author - Lone Sorensen - Director of the International Institute of Facial Reflexology

I´m Lone Sorensen and I´ve been helping people and animals all around the world for the past 36+ years traveling the world to study and teach all about natural medicine. My speciality lies within Facial Reflexology and when I saw the amazing results I got with Color Light Therapy using the Tweaklite many years ago I took it on as a tool to improve my client’s health.

About Lone

Lone Sorensen is the director of the International Institute of Facial Reflexology and has spent years dedicated to the teaching of reflexology in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, England, Japan, China, Australia, the US, Mexico, Argentina, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Poland and Spain, where she teaches in coordination with more than 50 instructors.

Lone has participated in several national and international conventions and is President of the Global Facial Network (

Her concepts and methodology have been integrated into the research conducted at the Filadelfia Kurhuset State Rehabilitation Center of Denmark for patients with brain damage and dysfunction as of the year 2000. In March 2001, Lone was honored by the OMHS with three titles of nobility; thus, making her the first reflexologist in the world to receive this distinction for her work with Zone therapy and facial, – hand- and foot reflex therapy.

Lone has always helped persons improving their live and thousands of clients can confirm that. She has also been interviewed on several TV shows.

You might be asking yourself

´What can I treat with
Color Light Therapy?´

Let me tell you about the benefits...


Does your baby suffer from ...

  • colds ?
  • ear infections ?
  • colics ?
  • allergies ?
  • hypersensitivity ?
  • hyposensitivity ?

Don´t worry, Color Therapy  can help!

Also For School Children

    Sleeping troubles


    Bad mood

    Lack of concentration

    Lack of memory ...

... can be solved

Enjoy a

pain free life


Would you like to
get rid of:

  • Joint pain?
  • Lack of energy?
  • Inflammation?
  • Stiffness?
  • Impotence?

Then Color Therapy is exactly what  you need!

Beauty Treatments with Color Therapy

Maintain your skin youthful, healthy and fresh with Color Light Therapy at home.

  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • Herpes
  • Spots
  • Eruption
  • Wrinkles ...

... will soon all be consigned to the past.

Make a living with the Tweaklite helping people

Not exclusively for the consumer, but also as therapeutic instrument for the health professional, Tweaklite Color therapy offers a method that every professional practitioner within healthcare can provide to his clients.

It will help increase the capacity of the practice drastically. With this method, the professional can easily double the number of clients and still make fewer hours.

You will be able to help people in all aspects of health, beauty and wellbeing, and of course yourself and your loved ones.

Wheather they´re young, elderly, housewifes or professionals... you´ll be the Go-To person they´ll seek advice and help from.

You also might be asking yourself

´But how does Color Light Therapy work?´

Let me explain...

Color Light

To explain how color light can relieve symptoms, let’s take a look at the science of color and light.

When light is focused on your body, it penetrates deep into your cells.
The cells in our body pick up signals from whatever happens outside our body, meaning that when you find yourself in a pleasant and relaxing environment your cells will react by programming themselves into a pleasant and quiet state. When you find yourself in a stressful and chaotic environment, your cells will adapt to this environment … you become stressed.

Your cells basically adapt to the environment in which the physical body is located. Makes sense, because when the sun is shining we feel generally happier and better than when the weather is gray and dirty outside.
So it’s safe to say that light has a positive influence on us.

Color has a greater impact on us than you might initially think. But when you really start to think about it, you will see that colors affect us daily.

It all starts in the morning when you’re getting dressed. One color will look better on you than another, and this ultimately determines whether you feel good in what you wear. If you feel good in the clothes you’re wearing, not only will this make you feel better and more comfortable, your body will radiate this too.

Read what other customers say about Color Therapy

I was on the intro workshop you held in Copenhagen about the new color therapy Tweak, and I was well skeptical about how much effect this new therapy would have.
Your presentation convinced me.

First I tested on my family.

My husband:
I used the blue color to soothe his entire system and to treat his chronical muscle pain. This was very effective!
The Color therapy also resolved his headache.

Treatment of my children, 15 and 17 years:
When my daughter sleep her feet start twitching. After 1st treatment she had positive result.

My Son play Hockey 5 times a week and have problems with muscle tenderness. I treated him with Color Light therapy in combination of with facial reflex therapy and he felt imminently relive.

A client had fantastic results for different stress symptoms. Treating her with violet light she became totally unstressed after a few minutes. She is now ready for more treatments.

A client came for Facial Reflex therapy suffering of sinus and ear problems. I used yellow color on the sinus areas and in the ear.
Three days after she had no infection, -very unusual for her.

My daughter has repeatedly infections in the mouth. Very painful! She cannot eat and drink when this happen and it happens very often.
I gave her treatments with yellow light inside the mouth area a few minutes one morning and evening and the infection disappeared.  Shortly after her cousin's girlfriend came with the same problem and I repeated the same treatment with same success.

My sister's dog got an anal gland filled with inflammation (Looked like a giant abscess). The vet cleaned the abscess and gave penicillin and cream. The vet said that he found a tumor behind, probably cancer.
Then they went home and expected the dog to be die a few days after.
I instructed in the use of color therapy Tweak. Yellow light for infection / immunity / stress relieving and red for cancer. The dog really liked the color therapy. The day after they started the therapy, the area started healing quickly.
When they did control with the vet 8 days later, they were told that maybe the dog will survive.
Now they use also Frankincense oil daily massaged into the skin of the neck. The dog loves licking the area were they apply the oil. They also give water with Frankincense oil.

I’m looking forward to much more experience with the Color light therapy Tweak.
Greetings from Denmark.

Michell from Denmark

I used red Color Light therapy for a woman with important hair loss during 2 years. After 4 treatment the hair started growing.

Rumiko from Japan

The Color therapy Tweak has been very effective applying therapy on neighbor's cat "Flemming". After 14 days of treatment with blue light 2x times a day the cat got his lost voice back.

My husband woke up during night with cramps in the leg during several weeks and I used pink light to help him to stop the cramp.
I only gave 2 treatments!

Lene from Denmark

A client she had a large open wound on the right cheek for a month.

The open wound was very tender and swollen. I gave her yellow light for 3 minutes locally. Then the blue light for 3 minutes. Already after half an hour, I noticed important change of the color of the skin in the affected area and wound was like closing.

The next day the client called to tell me that a miracle had happened, she could sleep on the right side without problems.

Birgit from Denmark

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 All of the pdf´s will be downloadable after purchase. The Tweaklite, charger and tripod are NOT included.

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