By Lone Sorensen

The story of a strong woman who has gone trough difficult times in life

By the Power of Light, escerpts from my travels

Print edition 400 pages

This book is written for everyone - women, men, young and old. Its aim is to show that, no matter how hopeless you might feel, you can turn every situation around by using the power of the mind.

It is a book about a woman - an entrepreneur by nature from the age of 18 -  managing profound life questions and moving heavy stones out of her way on her own. She confronted her son’s illness, survived cancer and dealt with a great deal of abuse and other threats. While dealing with many tough situations, Lone Sorensen still managed to develop her method and to found one of the largest international schools in the world inside the field of Reflexology.

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Lone Sorensen

"Lone Sorensen is the woman behind the world’s biggest school of Reflexology. She teaches methods similar to Reflexology called Neuro-Reflex Therapy. Techniques developed by herself and inspired of ancient techniques from different cultures. Always with the aim to offer very effective and natural methods to help Health – and Rehabilitation issuers.
The truly dedicated Dane has been working since 1978, to build up her concept and was selected by O.M.H.S in Argentina with 3 honor titles for her work with disabled children.
Lone Sorensen is also the author of the book Facial Reflexology."


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